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Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Genre: Sports
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Canada
Release Date: Oct. 20, 2009

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'FIFA 10' (ALL) Upcoming Patch Details

by Rainier on Oct. 19, 2009 @ 10:35 a.m. PDT

FIFA 10 features core gameplay refinements based on responsiveness and intelligence, plus a completely overhauled Manager Mode that includes more than 50 major improvements, delivering a new standard for authenticity, as FIFA 10 continues to set the benchmark in both innovations and gameplay as the most complete simulation of football.

Online and Connectivity

PlayStation 3
Feedback : Players disconnected from PS3 matches too frequently in the development teams opinion, usually during the first half with a connection-lost message.
Update:Players will be able to complete online games with minimal disconnections.

PlayStation 3
Feedback:Players disconnected too frequently in the development teams opinion, from the PlayStation Network when playing online with a profile with many FIFA friends.
Update: Players will not see any unexpected behaviour relating to having many friends on their profile.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: No teams in Div 3 or below on world standings
Update: All Divisions will have stats listed once there are enough teams to fill the divisions above them (50 teams per division, so Division 3 should start having stats listed once there are 101 teams in the standings).

Xbox 360
Feedback: Occasionally, no users could be found during a Pro Ranked match search, while there were users available to play.
Update: Pro Ranked match search will always be successful when there are users available to play.

Manager Mode

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback : Player form changed too dramatically while playing through manager mode.
Update: A player’s form is now more subtle and does not affect physical attributes.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: Occasionally loaned players from the first transfer window would be sold by teams in the second transfer window.
Update: AI teams with players loaned to them will not sell these players in the second transfer window.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: Occasionally players would disappear that were bought in the first transfer window when simming matches in the second transfer window.
Update: The players team will not lose players during the second transfer window without any action on the user’s part.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: Goal Keeper Clean Sheets were being tracked as assists in the Top 20’s screen.
Update: Assists will only be awarded to players that passed the ball to the goal scorer immediately before the goal was scored.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: The game occasionally crashed when entering gameplay, team management, or transfer lists during the first season after loaning out players and filling the roster to full. There were too many players at the club.
Update: Loaned players will now still count towards one of the 42 roster spots so the player cannot have more players than the maximum belonging to their team.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: Rarely, the player could progress past the end of season with a negative club budget after signing and, later, choosing not to re-sign players during a season.
Update: Choosing not to re-sign players will not cause the team’s budget to decrease further.

Live Season 2.0/My Live Season.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback : Changing the squad at the central hub of My Live Seasons to include invalid players would make the game hang if substitutions were later attempted during gameplay.Update: The player will be informed that the player cannot be substituted into the lineup.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: Too many match events, for example yellow cards, were being tracked incorrectly which would occasionally make My Live Seasons hang.
Update: The user will be able to use Live Season mode without any hangs, and all match events will be tracked correctly.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: Youth players were shown with incorrect ages.
Update: The Youth Players’ ages will be correct.


Xbox 360
Feedback : Some ranked Head-to-Head matches did not update on some leaderboards.
Update: All ranked matches are now tracked correctly on the leaderboards.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: Stats did not track correctly if players turned off their console during a Clubs match.
Update: A player quitting / disconnecting from a game after five minutes of game time have elapsed will always be assigned a DNF and Loss.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: After a completing Clubs game online, Last Match stats were not updating correctly.
Update: All match stats are updating correctly.

PlayStation 3
Feedback: FIFA Interactive World Cup stats and points were not always reporting correctly
Update:FIFA Interactive World Cup stats and points are now being reported correctly.

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: Regional league stats were being reset too frequently.
Update: Regional league stats will now be reset on a monthly basis.


Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: Players teammate AI in online Clubs games was not equivalent to World Class AI.
Update: Teammate AI while playing in clubs is now World Class.

Friends Leagues

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
Feedback: One User’s team becomes invisible after following a set of specific, unusual invitation steps.
Update: Both teams will be visible during gameplay.

At the current time we have no confirmation of when the downloadable update will be available to users but it is currently with Microsoft and Sony for testing.

Responding to consumer feedback from more than 275 million online games played, FIFA Soccer 10 will deliver a new standard for authenticity with gameplay refinements and innovations that will make it the most complete and intelligent simulation of soccer.

On the pitch, critical gameplay fundamentals have been enhanced to ensure that FIFA Soccer 10 mirrors real-world soccer, providing more sophisticated ball control, and physical interaction between players. In addition, players now move, behave and position themselves more realistically. On attack, players analyze space more effectively, curve their runs in an attempt to stay onside, create passing lanes naturally, and drive for more variety in attacking options. On defense, new concepts like position priority enable defenders to multitask so dangerous spaces left open by teammates out of position are covered. Plus, slide tackle targeting, press marking, and better-urgency clearance logic provide new options that make defending a tactical skill in FIFA Soccer 10. In goal, a myriad of improvements and refinements to goalkeeper intelligence result in a more responsive and powerful rushing system and ultra-realistic saves.

istening to feedback and addressing gamer frustrations has become a key part of the EA SPORTS strategy to improve the FIFA Soccer franchise on an annual basis. Better balance on lofted through balls, improved goalkeeper intelligence, more realistic shooting mechanics with less shots hitting the goal posts, a practice arena to perfect skills, and a more immersive soccer experience through continuous play and quick free kicks are just a few of the issues raised by fans and addressed in FIFA Soccer 10.

FIFA Soccer 10 also features a deeper iteration of the ever-popular Manager Mode with more than 50 major improvements, including new match realism, realistic player transfers based on multiple decision points, and true-to-life player growth curves.

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