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Maestro! Jump in Music

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Pastagames
Release Date: Fall 2009

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'Maestro! Jump in Music' (NDS) Soundtrack Revealed

by Rainier on Oct. 7, 2009 @ 7:30 a.m. PDT

Maestro! Jump in Music combines traditional platform games and the pleasure of music creation in which you discover Presto, the music-loving bird, and make him evolve in a colorful, decibel-filled journey. Use the stylus to scrape, rub, tap and whirl to the rhythm of the level’s music and like a good Maestro, stick to the original.

Discover Presto, the music-loving bird, and make him evolve in a colorful, decibel-filled journey. Use the stylus to scrape, rub, tap and whirl to the rhythm of the level’s music and like a good Maestro, stick to the original. Presto will jump or get off a platform in the order in which you strum the string, flying with his small wings to reach the music score.

During the game numerous challenges will require your utmost attention: special strings, flying enemies, targets to knock down as fast as lightning… all this in order to create a symphony with your fingertips. But don’t be satisfied with just a few jingles: chorus singing will earn you many more points!

Maestro! Jump in Musicis one of the first games to truly make the most of the Nintendo DS microphone, allowing players to indulge themselves singing their heads off! You can let your vocal cords loose with the 18 songs featured in this game. What better way to liven up your fellow passengers whilst on a long underground trip?

Breaking the stagnant musical game mould, Maestro! Jump in Music allows you to rediscover great classics such as Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, one of Brahms’ Hungarian Dances or Dvorak’s Symphony “From the New World”, including crazy interpretations of contemporary themes such as “Fame”, “ABC” or “Our House”.

Graphically the game has its own style blending 2D and true 3D graphics to produce an inimitable look. You can discover six different worlds, ranging from an aquatic setting to a Far West environment, each with their own specific sounds. Andiamo!

The 24 titles are divided between the 6 diverse game universes, each full of surprises!

Green Grove: a colourful and flowery universe, full of exotic animals and lush vegetation. Rhythmic bass and afro beats inspire the music selection here.

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven – Symphony No. 5
  • Antonin Dvorak – Symphony No.9, From the New World
  • Madness – Our House
  • Traditional Japanese song - Sakura Sakura
Purple Sonata: what better music for a 17th Century palace with statues and marbling-a-go-go, than a classical sound, as baroque as you like, that has stood the test of time?
  • Jean Sebastien Bach – Little Fugue in G Minor
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – A Little Night Music
  • Perren, Mizell et al.– ABC
  • Traditional French song - Vent Frais, Vent du Matin
Yellow Allegro: sojourn under the Italian sun in Venice where only the cursed seagulls throw a shadow over the scene. The music is typical of the setting: odes to joy, and love in the form of mandolin solos.
  • Eduardo Di Capua – O Sole Mio
  • The Animals – The House of the Rising Sun
  • Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons
  • Traditional English song – Greensleeves
Indigo Flow: a change of scenery and a free-dive to thousands of metres below the water's surface! Rare air bubbles ring out and myriad species of fish resonate with sound at every touch.
  • Erik Satie – Gymnopedie No.1
  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker
  • Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put a Spell on You
  • Traditional Russian song – Otchi Chornye
Black out Beats: a spatial inspiration for this voyage beyond the solar system against a backdrop of starry skies and melting planets. The sounds tend towards the psychedelic: strange attractors winning out over gravity.
  • Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dances
  • Edvard Grieg – Peer Gynt
  • Leonard Bernstein – The Magnificent 7
  • Traditional song adapted for Bizet's Carmen - El Arreglito
Red Hot tempo: the Wild West, steam trains and gunslinging cowboys–even Charles Bronson's reflexes would be put to the test in this Leone-inspired nightmare.
  • M. Gore, D. Pitchford – Fame
  • Ennio Morricone – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Isaac Albeniz – Asturias
  • American Traditional song – When the Saints Go Marching In
The soundtrack was entirely composed by the talented group Yubaba Smith & Fortune. Maestro! Jump in Music was awarded the Milthon for best soundtrack at the “Festival des Jeux Vidéo” 2009 in France.
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