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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Codemasters

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Webzen Expands Its 'Archlord' to North America & Europe, Adds New Character Class

by Rainier on Oct. 8, 2009 @ 7:45 a.m. PDT

ArchLord will deliver a unique competitive premise to MMO gamers: the opportunity to rise to become the game world's supreme ruler. Every month, one player will take control of the world and with it the opportunity to wreak havoc on their cowering enemies as the player gains control of supreme global Archlord powers! Embark on your adventure to become the one mighty ruler of them all and take control of vast worlds, sprawling towns and cities or even control the world's horrific monsters to wreak havoc on your cowering enemies. For the first time ever you can rise to rule them all and with it the true destiny of Chantra is under your control...

With an ever-evolving storyline of conquest and betrayal, ArchLord presents an epic adventure in which players band together as they quest for the ancient relics of the Archons. Each relic bestows incredible power on those who possess it and when relics are combined they deliver ultimate mastery over the fundamental forces of creation for there can only be one Archlord!

WebZen had commenced the worldwide service of Archlord: Arch Battle of the World, expanding the service territories to North America and European countries.

As the Codemasters license agreement of Archlord in North America and Europe ended, the global Archlord servers are now hosted by WebZen . Consequently, all users around the globe except from Korea, Japan, and China can connect to the Archlord servers via

To accommodate the former Archlord players from Codemasters, WebZen will provide the service to transfer previously activated accounts within this month. Starting from October 8, players can pre-register to apply for the account transfer and receive free in-game gifts.

“The service territory expansion and the account transfer from Codemasters will create a user-friendly environment for Archlord. We expect to see a significant increase of new users as well as the overall improvement of business. Furthermore, the update such as introducing ‘Swashbuckler’ indicates our commitment towards the success of the game. ” said Chang Keun Kim, the chief executive officer of WebZen.

Also, WebZen is providing the next content update featuring the new character class “Swashbuckler”. The new character, a close range female combatant, armed with a pair of swords to inflict great damage, is the premier introduction among western countries.

WebZen has arranged many in-game events to celebrate and welcome new players. Starting from October 3, all Archlord users will be able to transform and experience the new character using “Swashbuckler metamorphosis potion”. Also, WebZen plans to give away many more Cash Items for free through in-game events.

Key Features

  • Set in the mystical medieval land of Chantra, embark on your deadly adventure to become the one ruler of them all! With a new ArchLord crowned each month, take part in this epic struggle and unlock the greatest power of all.
  • Stake your place in the history of Chantra as you rise to become ArchLord and with it leave behind your legacy for all to honour. In ArchLord the true fate of a world is in your hands and how you exploit this incredible power is up to you...
  • Take your pick from either Humans, Elves or Orcs as for the first time ever within any MMORPG you rise to become the ruler of an entire game world!
  • Incredible, jaw dropping graphics bring the ever-evolving world of Chantra to life with authentic day-night cycles, evolving weather and full global climate effects!
  • Take arms as you fully utilise ArchLord's core advanced combat system allowing for incredible effects, special moves and breathtaking advanced combos the like that have never been seen in any previous MMORPG.
  • Fully exploit your weapons, armour and items with the most advanced item upgrade system yet seen. Craft spiritual stones of power each with their own unique attributes to combine these with your items to give them entirely new features, abilities and characteristics.
  • Incredible in-game audio recorded by the world famous London Symphony Orchestra bring the world of Chantra to life!

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