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The Void

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Mamba Games
Developer: Ice-Pick Lodge
Release Date: Sept. 25, 2009

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'The Void' - New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 9, 2009 @ 4:12 a.m. PDT

The Void is a survival adventure game, try to stay alive in the hostile world of the Void, and escape as quickly as possible! The choice is either to support life in its horrifying Hunters or its mournful girls or strip them of it. The way you pass through The Void is the way it changes, the way it reflects upon you.

Try to stay alive in the hostile world of the Void - and escape as quickly as possible!

The surreal world of The Void runs on Lympha, the only resource that grants the ability to live and act. Only Lympha gives life, and it can take it away as well. The blood of Hunters, captured creatures, gracious Sisters, trees brought to life: Lympha is at the source of everything. Any action you take, be it battling an enemy, talking to a Sister, hunting, searching, or even traveling – there is a price in Lympha. The essence of one’s brief life in the Void is an intense search for Lympha in order to transform it into a palette of vivid colors, giving you a chance to survive and solve the mysteries of this world. Who will you support — horrifying Hunters or the mournful Sisters? Which girl will you choose? Does your choice depend on her magnetic charm or your pre-arranged strategy?

Jason Codd from Mamba Games explains why hitting this mile stone is fantastic news for Mamba. “The team has worked really hard with the developers to achieve gold status on the first 3 games for release and we are equally happy with the reviews which we are receiving, especially for “The Void” which is gaining some tremendous feedback. We are looking forward to seeing the products do well at retail which will give us good momentum going into 2010”

Game features:

  • Lympha is the common resource throughout the game: the currency, the hero’s health, armory and inventory, the character’s stat system and the world settings.
  • All the actions are done via drawing by Lympha. The amount of Lympha used influences the overall effectiveness.
  • 12 endings and high rate of replayability. The diversity of gameplay depends greatly on the random appearance and distribution of resources.
  • There are 7 colors of Lympha. Each has the same value of nutrition, but produces a different effect, when used in the similar situations.
  • Each color of Lympha can cause good, and each can cause harm. Players can take advantage of a color, though even a drop of any color can change the world of the Void.
  • Dating sim element: you should win the hearts of charming girls.
  • Action: 11 monstrous Hunters you have to face with.

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