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Battle Metal: Street Riot Control

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Team6 Game Studios

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'Battle Metal: Street Riot Control' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 25, 2009 @ 7:40 a.m. PST

Battle Metal: Street Riot Control is a fast-paced, trigger-happy, violent and chaotic car shooter.

In "battle metal", customized, brutal sportscars (muscle cars, exotics, police vehicles, etc) are equipped with heavy weapons and armor plates: causing chaos and destruction in a destructeable urban street environment. Use unique side-ram features to smash opponents in the nearest building, launch homing missiles or cluster-bombs, deploy mines, empty all 999 bullets of your chaingun, or just blow your opponent straight to the wreckyard with an enormous triple shotgun. In 20 single- or multiplay races you have to prove you're the best there is and survive the chaos of post-apocalyptic violence.

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