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Easy Piano

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Rhythm
Publisher: Valcon Games
Developer: Game Life
Release Date: 2010

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'Easy Piano' (NDS) Coming to North America

by Rainier on Nov. 4, 2009 @ 3:08 a.m. PST

Easy Piano is the first ever Nintendo DS game coming with a real mini-piano accessory plugged to your console, and which allows you to learn piano without having to take boring music theory lessons!

Easy Piano is a new innovative piano music game for the NDS that lets players enjoy a realistic piano experience, thanks to a 13‐note, full‐octave external keyboard peripheral that exponentially amps up the fun. With Easy Piano, players can learn how to play the piano, or simply play a quick game where the Easy Piano display prompts you to hit certain keys, similar to other popular music games currently on the market that also have external peripherals.

“No matter what age, Easy Piano makes playing and learning the piano a wildly fun experience, and Valcon Games is excited to bring it to the North American market.” said Glenn Halseth, CEO of Valcon Games. ”We truly believe in this exceptionally fun product, and once players get their fingers on the keyboard they will understand why.”

Would‐be pianists have the choice to play using a virtual 8‐octave, 13‐note keyboard on the Nintendo DS touchscreen, or using a real external 13‐note keyboard peripheral specially made to work with Nintendo DS. Whether taking piano involving lessons or selecting a quick game, all players will be tutored in the correct finger movements and skills required to become a mobile virtuoso.

The game’s tracklisting contains 40 of some of the world’s most famous songs, spanning time and genres to offer something for everyone. Discover how to play Mozart, or Beethoven then switch styles to hammer out Bohemian Rhapsody, Bittersweet Symphony, Every Breath You Take or even The Jingle Bells theme tune. With 2 different difficulty modes, everyone can have fun testing and improving their keyboard skills.

With 2 difficulty modes, everyone can have fun testing and improving their keyboard skills. The game’s track listing contains some of the world’s most famous songs, spanning time and genres, to offer something for everyone. A creation mode also allows players to record up to four 3‐minute‐long masterpieces. Players can choose from piano, or a number of other instruments included with the game, to create their musical opus.

Easy Piano’s lesson mode is specifically designed for people discovering the wonders of piano for the first time. With a series of 10 lessons and a host of mini‐games to teach the basics, any player, old or young, would learn and be entertained at the same time with this product.

The creation mode allows players to record up to four 3-minute-long masterpieces, with tools giving everyone the chance to enhance their creativity. Beginners can use simplified staves to assist and practice, while those with more honed skills can get straight into recording their live performances. After listening and correcting the work of one hand, players will then be able to add a second hand to the recording.

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