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Atlantica Online

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: NDOORS Interactive

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'Atlantica Online' Celebrates First Anniversary With In-Game Events and Giveaways

by Rainier on Nov. 5, 2009 @ 12:26 p.m. PST

Atlantica Online is bringing back turn-based and strategic gameplay to give a fresh face to the MMO world. A thinking person's game, Atlantica Online gives players the chance to really strategize using the combat, mercenary and city/country management system.

Atlantica Online is a strategic turn-based MMORPG that combines innovative combat with character/party development and city/country management. Players take on the quest to destroy the Oriharukon, a powerful energy sensor from the lost civilization of Atlantis that survived and is now endangering humanity. This journey will take players around the globe, to locations like the Great Wall of China and the pyramids of Egypt, and they will come face-to-face with monsters ripped from history and lore, such as the ruthless Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu and Dracula.

Ndoors and Atlantica will offer special bonuses and in-game events throughout the month of November as a reward to loyal players.

In just one year, Atlantica Online has grown from humble beginnings to take its place as the best-reviewed free-to-play title of the past year. With new updates and new content on the horizon, Atlantica hopes to continue providing an enjoyable experience to the players and fans.

“We are proud of the tremendous and steady growth of Atlantica Online in the US market in just one year,” said Peter Kang, CEO, Ndoors Interactive. “With a strong user base of loyal players and a steady influx of new players, there is no limit to what we can accomplish in the years to come.”

Starting with eighteen mercenaries, the roster of supporting characters has grown to twenty-six, with several new additions planned for the next year. Despite a massive world map in the game that spans most of the globe, Ndoors has consistently added new areas to explore and new battle grounds, like the new Van Gogh dungeon, along with the previously added Mysterious Saloon, Lijiang Women’s Village, Ghost Town, Aztec Temple, Silent Detroit, Dallas Lawless District, and Goonzu World. A commitment to player satisfaction and consistent new content have helped Atlantica emerge over the past year as the benchmark for what free-to-play games can offer.

Ndoors will kick off the month of November with a special promotion offering 200% experience for all players and continue the festivities with weekend events, new in-game items, a special Thanksgiving event, a fan art contest, and much more. Not only will players have a chance to earn unprecedented amounts of experience, but they will also be able to discover rare and unique items and celebrate this milestone. Stay tuned to the Atlantica website for details.

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