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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Black Bean Games
Developer: Milestone
Release Date: Q2 2010 (US), June 4, 2010 (EU)

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'SBK X' (PS3/X360/PC) Details Evolving Track Concept - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 11, 2009 @ 3:29 a.m. PST

Infront Motor Sports, Black Bean Games and Milestone have been tirelessly working together to inspect every corner of SBK09 to extract the best and to insert everything our players wanted for 2010 in order to deliver the best motorbike racing game ever made.

It’s not just a matter of improving the solid base built throughout the years but about getting the best from the history of bike racing, listening to our users, squeezing in much, much more content and about making it fun, for everyone.

This is the landmark, the crossroad and the turning point. This is apex, where all the efforts of the past years have brought the official game of the SBK to.

“Evolving Track” is the link between you, the rider, and your natural habitat: the race track. “Evo Track” is the system that allows us to simulate time flow and track changes during the race.

Simply put, during a race session the track doesn’t stay as clean and immaculate as it is when the event organizers set it up before the weekend. Bikes keep running, braking, and consuming tires all the time. Moreover, if the weekend started under heavy rain, it may be that later on the sun will shine, and the track will dry up gradually.

As both days and race sessions go by, the tarmac changes its face, response and behavior depending on two initial conditions:

  • Dry race: at the beginning of the weekend, if you look at the track you see a plain grey asphalt strip. Then the competition starts and during the race, the bikes deliver their power and stick to the ground thanks to their wheels. Because these wheels have to handle power slides and huge G-Forces, they get worn and some parts may detach.  Detached and worn-out parts remain on the ground, and they make a darker strip appear close to the braking points, continuing along the corners (because G-Forces are higher in these zones) and drawing a perfect racing line around the rumble strips.

  • Wet race: in case of a wet track, at first you should be brave enough to push to the edge whilst riding in a completely wet and stain-filled track. Some laps later, the bikes will start to dry-up the tarmac creating a dry and brighter ideal line all along the track.

With the “Evo Track” Milestone wanted to add all these situations to the game, adding a new simulative layer, and a strategic phase before the race.

The main “areas” affected by this improvement are:

  • Graphics: thanks to the “Evolving Track”, the tracks appear more lively and extremely detailed. At a glance, you’ll notice how the feeling of “being there” is really improved by this feature.
  • Gameplay:
    • During dry races, the “Evolving Track” will help you find the correct braking point. Just locate where the dark rubber strip starts, and brake there. Also, staying on the rubber strip provides you with more grip: we are talking about strategy, because the “Evolving Track” helps you go faster. Furthermore, your opponents will have a tough time if they try to overtake you by riding out of the rubber strip. Remember: the Evolving Track is your friend, get used to it!
    • During wet races, well… “The Evolving Track” is even more strategic and friendly. Keep your wheels on the dry tarmac to get more grip and to defend your position: if an opponent wants to overtake you, it has to ride on the slippery side of the world!

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