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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: CDV / Majesco
Developer: Croteam / Devolver Digital
Release Date: Jan. 13, 2010 (US), Jan. 2010 (EU)

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'Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter' (ALL) Goes Gold, Gets Dated

by Rainier on Dec. 11, 2009 @ 9:00 a.m. PST

Serious Sam is a high-adrenaline arcade-action shooter heavily focused on frantic arcade-style single player action. In a world where cyberpunk meets fantasy-fiction and advanced technology is mixed with black magic and psycho-powers.

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter is a graphically enhanced version of Serious Sam: The First Encounter. The game follows everyone's favorite quippy gun-toting hero as he frantically battles his way through 15 levels of bedlam. Sam will take on the seemingly never-ending onslaught of enemies around every corner with one of the most powerful arsenals in the history of gaming, including demon-stopping revolvers, lead-spewing miniguns and monstrous cannons for when he absolutely, positively, has to kill every enemy in sight.

Serious Sam HD is not your mother’s generic, large-scale, orchestral scored, Space Marine-themed epic FPS with dialogue that pretends it’s an RPG...instead, Serious Sam HD is a grab you by the jibblies run and gun, twitch FPS: BIG guns, TONS of enemies, 4-Player Online Co-Op and stunningly superfluous HD graphics that rival retail boxed games. You've waited forever but Serious Sam is back from the nether with its award-winning game play that will remind you why you play FPSs in the first place.

Key Features :

  • Powered by the next-generation Serious Engine 3, Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD features beautifully rendered, high-resolution visuals and lushly redesigned environments to create the most astonishing Serious Sam game ever
  • Return to the golden age of frantic, non-stop first-person-shooter action and face Serious Sam’s trademark onslaught of enemies - from the charging Sirian Werebull to the screaming Headless Kamikaze and the multi-story Ugh-Zan
  • Fire up one of the greatest arsenals in gaming history by wielding demon-stopping revolvers, lead-spewing miniguns, monstrous cannons and the notorious Serious Bomb
  • More than 12 levels of bedlam set against the expansive backdrop of ancient Egypt – all reworked in stunning HD
  • Embrace the mayhem with up to sixteen players through online co-op and taunt your pwn worthy friends with leaderboards and stat-tracking

Already available on PC, Serious Sam HD will be available on XBLA for 1,200 Microsoft Points.

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