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Field of Glory

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Slitherine (EU), Matrix Games (US)
Developer: Hexwar
Release Date: Nov. 19, 2009

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'Field of Glory' - v1.03 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 23, 2009 @ 9:57 a.m. PST

Based on Slitherine’s popular tabletop wargaming system, Field of Glory is a faithful adaptation of this miniatures wargame! Without the calculations and measurements required for a tabletop game of Field of Glory, the PC version accurately represents ancient combat where you make the important and fun decisions on the battlefield.

Get the Field of Glory v1.03 Patch off WP (20mb)

Changes in Version 1.03

  • The length of passwords in private games has been limited to 16 characters. This is the maximum the system can handle but the game was incorrectly allowing you to set it longer and then a bad error message reported it was too short causing general confusion. Now it is all fixed.
  • New scenario - The Battle of Lyginus River 335 B.C.
  • Non-shock foot no longer pursue mounted.
  • Shock foot no longer pursue mounted on passing a complex move test.
  • Battle wagons and artillery will now never pursue.
  • Some mounted troops were gaining swordsmen capability when not so armed and this has been fixed.

This patch is compatible with all versions of Field of Glory from Slitherine or Matrix (v1.00 to 1.02).

Changes in Version 1.02

New Features

  • Private challenges. You can now add passwords to multiplayer challenges so only your desired opponent can access them. Private challenges are marked with a padlock.
  • Delete challenges. You can now remove any unaccepted challenges you have made.
  • 3 New scenarios
    • Cisapline Gaul Scenario
    • Indian-Macedonian Starter Army battle 3
    • Invasion of Macedon scenario
  • 9 new unit graphics
    • Indian Four Horse Heavy Chariot
    • Indian Four Horse Heavy Chariot Commander
    • Indian Elephant
    • Indian Elephant Commander
    • Indian Cavalry
    • Indian Cavalry Commander
    • Indian Bowmen, MF
    • Indian Javelinmen, MF
    • Gallic Soldurii, 2 variations, HF

Bug Fixes

  • Heraclea Scenario: A pike battlegroup was set as MF.
  • Scenario Builder: Default all general images to have basic general settings.
  • Logic: Ranged combat only causes a cohesion test when there are two or more attacker hits.
  • Rear attack bonus is now applied in all situations except when a light unit is attacking a non-light unit.
  • Logic: Fragmented units were evading in some situations where they were not allowed to.
  • Change: Anyone charging LF/LH in the rear to get combat benefits and do reduce their cohesion.
  • AI: Now waits then re-tries twice before displaying an order error.
  • Changed the name of ‘Mounted Bow’ to ‘Bow’ in all displays.
  • Elephant charge sound effect updated.
  • New file read/write method.
  • One celtic chariot image was too large.
  • Some unit VP costs.
  • Three German warrior figures replaced as their facing was not clear.
  • Revised help pages to fix mistakes and add detail. 
  • Fixed Crash - Another possible null pointer exception in gamelogic.s.CohesionDieModifier.CombatCohesionTest.
  • Logic: Fragmented units were still evading in some situations where they were not allowed to.
  • Fixed crash - In map editor, unit type object is now updated to reflect any change to the unit type enum.  This fixes the crash when e.g. changing a mob into a scythed chariot.
  • Fixed Crash - Net: Crash on decompression and incorrect compression on PowerPC.
  • Fixed Crash - Null pointer exceptions in gameinstance.Program.folderPathX.
  • Size of Ancient British generals chariot.
  • Some units were taking shooting cohesion tests too often.
  • Fixed Crash - UI: Null pointer exception in uiplayer.RecyclableSound.soundGet.
  • UI: Out-of-command icons are now always updated in the deployment phase.
  • UI: Performance slowdown after very many combats have happened in one game, due to excessively long summary.
  • UI: Text field and text view controls now convert the encoding of keys to be UTF-8 so it supports special characters such as accents in other languages.

Changes in Version 1.01

  • New scenario - ‘Starter Army Battle 2’, User generated scenario. 
  • New scenario - ‘Sambre 57BC’, User generated scenario. 
  • New scenario - ‘Heraclea 280BC’ user generated battle. 
  • Mouse wheel zoom. The mouse wheel now gives free zoom in and zoom out control in the game and in the editor. 
  • Difficulty levels. These now modify the number of battlegroups needed to win/lose a game. These cannot be used in multiplayer. The difficulty level is also now shown on the Victory display. 
  • Fixed a crash bug - Null pointer exception in uiplayer.s.AncientsUI.SetPreference. 
  • Fixed a crash bug - Null pointer exception in gamelogic.s.CohesionDieModifier.CombatCohesionTest. 
  • Fixed a bug where changing the base colours crashed the game. 
  • Fixed a bug where dead leaders were not being stored correctly in multiplayer. 
  • Fixed a bug where music did not loop properly and another where music volume levels were not being stored correctly. 
  • In game help now accessible from the start menu without launching the game. 
  • The game now reports when a unit is disordered but not in combat. 
  • Fixed a bug where Fragmented units were able to evade from combat. 
  • Chargers will now pursue beyond the line of first contact if the enemy evades and will contact secondary targets if they can. 
  • Fixed a bug related to an unused terrain type in the editor. 
  • Removed invalid apostrophe characters from help text. 
  • The animation speed is reset on loading to prevent bugs where units could not move. We have also moved the location of preference files and saved them at every opportunity to prevent them not being stored. We were not able to repeat the issue reported so if users still have problems with preferences not being stored pet us know. 
  • In the Map editor added the ability to create elements for text newline characters. 
  • Reduced the appearance of coloured vertical and horizontal lines at certain zoom levels. 
  • Added the ability to convert line break elements into newline characters when loading text by SAX. 
  • Added the ability to convert line break elements into newline characters when loading text by DOM. 
  • In the Map editor the Side VP counts now update on closing unit fixed properties window. 
  • A possible crash in Multiplayer has been prevented by removing any special characters from messages - this means accented characters may no longer appear so please use standard ASCII characters. 
  • Multiplayer chat messages are limited to 1024 character to prevent abuse! 
  • A small change to the ‘Indistavio 16AD’ OB. 
  • A small change to the ‘Starter Army Battle 1’ OB.

Last year saw the arrival of the Field of Glory set of wargames rules. Now translated into all major European languages, the rules have appeared on the shelves of bookstores across the world. To date sales have exceeded 200.000 copies and FOG releases comprise 9 additional Companion Books, with 4 more in production to complete this popular series.

Fans worldwide have praised the quality and realism of this production which is created by Wargames specialists Slitherine and distributed by military history book specialists Osprey Publishing. Over 50,000 posts on the FOG forums and an ever growing community of fans have built on the success of the original system and now Forum members are contributing towards FOG’s expansion into the Renaissance and Napoleonic eras.

The Field of Glory brand has become so popular within the wargaming community, that the brand is now supporting a range of wargaming products such as specially designed FOG terrain from manufacturers Miniature Worldmaker.

Slitherine is therefore proud to announce the Field of Glory videogame, specially created with figure gaming fans in mind. This is the latest production coming from the Kameleon Project talent incubator. The Field of Glory strategy game is made by wargamers specifically for wargaming fans.

Developed by UK Developer Hexwar, the games is turn based and set during the Rise of Rome, from Zama in North Africa to the battles of Boudicca’s revolt in Britain.

The game's main features are:

  • Gameplay that allows key decisions to decide the results of historical battles
  • Detailed and accurate depiction of ancient warfare
  • 12 historical battles with hundreds of units to control
  • Play as Rome, Carthage, Gaul, Germanic Tribes and the Spartacus Slave Revolt and even the Roman civil war
  • Single and 2 player head to head modes
  • Comprehensive scenario builder included

Later releases will include additional battle packs and an army designer where players will be able to choose their favourite armies and match their skills against opponents of their choice, on an almost infinite selection of battle fields.

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