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Out of the Park Baseball 10

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Strategy First
Release Date: June 9, 2009

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'Out of the Park Baseball 10' - v10.4.36 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 7, 2009 @ 4:24 a.m. PST

Out of the Park Baseball 10 is a further evolution of the game offering gamers the ultimate in realistic baseball simulation with a completely revised individual pitch model and a host of other new and improved features.

Get the Out of the Park Baseball 10 v10.4.36 Patch off WP (56mb)

10.4.31 Fixes

It's important to note that most of the bugs listed below only appeared in very rare circumstances. If a bug was logged publicly, more detail may be found in the Logged Issues or Closed/Claimed Fixed forums. Use the forum search capability to search for threads with the bug # in the title!

Exported reports will now be properly formated on external browsers (there was a problem with the included CSS file and some templates)
Fixed greyed-out "Save" button in the save filter and save custom view dialog
Fixed the way "Keep log for X..." options work, it now should work as intended, with the "All" option not clearing any logs
Pitchers will no longer be created with just a fastball and a sinker as the repertoire
The "vs. Team" pulldown menu in the pitching stats section of the player profile will now work properly, sometimes it did not
The "Last Pitch" display in the game broadcast view now works properly

10.4.29 New Features

Added a new pitching rotation mode called "Strict, highest rested on occasion" (improves realism of number of games started in modern leagues)
League strategy settings now allow you to select the AI's preferred rotation mode
Pitchers can now be locked into a specific role on the player strategy screen
The league free agents list screen now displays player contract demands
Historical players now import with their proper uniform number
Added a new checkbox to the single historical player import dialog, allowing the player to be imported into a draft pool
Improved stability and performance for HTML and FTP
Players on DL must now come off DL when they are healthy and DL time is served (non-online leagues only)
Improved roster and contract AI
New failure recovery system to prevent loss of data
New maximized and user-defined window display modes
Note: All of the new features listed above will impact existing leagues as well as new ones.

10.4.29 Fixes

It's important to note that most of the bugs listed below only appeared in very rare circumstances. If a bug was logged publicly, more detail may be found in the Logged Issues or Closed/Claimed Fixed forums. Use the forum search capability to search for threads with the bug # in the title!

219 - Fixed issue in historicals where users get "can't find database" error after downloading file via FTP
274 - Fixed issue where "end of season" news story appears one day too soon
298 - Fixed issue where file dialogs are out of order
316 - Fixed issue where can't exit "Choose GM screen" for online league
317 - Fixed issue where Open In External Browser doesn't work under Wine in Ubuntu 7.10
434 - Fixed issue where erroneous staff listed in personnel
440 - Fixed issue where white lines remain on scrollbar on finance page
446 - Fixed issue where clicking top message scrolls the list down
515 - Fixed issue where trade deadline has irrational date in sim to pull-down menu
580 - Fixed issue with playoff seeding in split-season leagues
603 - Fixed issue where text category 151 is called when it should call 149
642 - Fixed issue with unrealistic pitcher use following rain delay
666 - Fixed issue where maximized mode not filling up the screen
691 - Fixed issue where players on minor league contracts who are out of options do not need to clear waivers if demoted to minors in spring training
692 - Fixed issue where players should be required to clear irrevocable waivers before being removed from the 40-man roster
701 - Fixed issue with errant throws from the OF
709 - Fixed issue with spaces and Mac Leopard
752 - Fixed issue where free agents not honoring their demands
759 - Fixed end of game error in pbp
765 - Fixed issue where ball hits the pitcher, but is past him
784 - Fixed issue where news articles show wrong location
787 - Fixed issue pbp error on pitcher infield fielding error
829 - Fixed issue where NL always hosts historical league all star games
841 - Fixed issue where bunt popped up, shoutout doesn't fit together
854 - Fixed issue with nickname "Th"
856 - Fixed issue where images not uploading in reports
857 - Fixed issue where AI steals 2nd base with runners on 1st and 3rd with winning run on 3rd base
880 - Fixed issue with PBP controls
885 - Fixed issue where owners allow preposterously high bonus amounts to be offered
905 - Fixed issue with team links in transaction HTML pages
909 - Fixed issue with expansion draft pick number
917 - Fixed issue with extraneous text in control dialog (CTR7)
927 - Fixed issue where team order in manager jobs wasn't alphabetized within each level of openings
989 - Fixed issue where in game AI has problem deciding what position pinch-runners should play in the next inning
1005 - Fixed issue where general game screens don't display scouted ratings when using anyone but the original scouting director
1021 - Fixed issue where quality prospects, after being DFA'd and clearing waivers, are released at the end of the DFA period
1023 - Fixed issue where players on DL do not get championship message
1025 - Fixed issue where AI teams will take players with bad contracts in the Rule 5 draft, despite not claiming them on waivers days earlier
1040 - Fixed issue where Ratings Scouted By Dropdown is used erratically
1092 - Fixed issue where scout contract response in offer window is misleading
1098 - Reduced the likelihood that a player would accept a team option in a contract
1102 - Fixed issue historical leaderboard error
1171 - Fixed issue where fictional stadiums not appropriate for historical eras
1270 - Fixed issue where can't delete stored games on Load Game screen
1277 - Fixed issue where Average Attendance doesn't count playoff games but does count their attendance
1278 - Revised hard-coded PBP text
1294 - Fixed issue where context-specific PbP details
1290 - Fixed issue where AI double switching/pinch hitting too often/early
1320 - Fixed issue where backspace while simming locks league
1333 - Fixed issue where Withdrawn Personnel Offers still show up after Export in Online Leagues
1345 - Fixed issue where when right clicking with mouse, page does not go back to previous screen
1347 - Fixed issue where GM html screen garble
1363 - Fixed issue where installed add-ons still show as "Install"
1383 - Fixed issue where Back button still not working correctly
1384 - Fixed issue when requesting a maximized mode in the preference screen
1385 - Fixed issue where ball down the right field line shown in left field
1420 - Fixed missing award winners for 2007 in MLB Rosters
1445 - Fixed duplicate message in PbP
1448 - Fixed waiver issues
1454 - Fixed Milestone Watch screen alignment error
1468 - Fixed issue where Manager Record Percentage calculated and stored incorrectly
1510 - Fixed issue where Talent Change Randomness missing from League Creation menus
1511 - Fixed issue with multiple GMs for human teams
1533 - Fixed issue where game installs key files to user directory
1543 - Fixed issue where manager service years counts two jobs in same year as two years
1562 - Fixed issue where Make It Work Now option sometimes lists players twice
1569 - Fixed issue where all exhibition games have temperatures below zero
1585 - Fixed issue where story gives the wrong stadium
1629 - Fixed issue where hardcoded PbP line conflicts with the PbP description
1633 - Fixed issue where Hitter type menu appears when clicking next or previous in certain resolutions on player editor screen
1640 - Fixed issue where not able to offer contract well within limits
1643 - Fixed problem with position assignment in historical import
1667 - Fixed issue where suspensions not appearing in Team News, Player History
1668 - Fixed issue where players credited with two games played when changing positions
1675 - Fixed inexplicable steal ratings
1733 - Fixed Initial Season and Minor League Strategy Modifiers
1736 - Fixed issue where All Star team names don't change when leagues are renamed
1737 - Fixed issue with League History Screen
1756 - Fixed issue where some coaches fond in Explore World cannot be deleted
1766 - Fixed issue where out made after winning run ended game
1772 - Fixed issue where HTML Player report missing some line borders
1780 - Fixed issue where long league name overlaps text
1809 - Fixed issue where Wild Card team given home field advantage over divisional winner
1846 - Fixed issue where incorrect team declared champion
1877 - Fixed issue where throw home to prevent game-ending run is cut off
1890 - Fixed issue where there is no way to tell which players will be pulled back
1902 - Fixed issue where players in unaffiliated minor leagues never reach free agency
1943 - Fixed issue with multiple players and force start at position option
1944 - Fixed issue where force start at position allows pitcher assignment
1959 - Fixed issue with trade protection
1983 - Fixed issue where edited popularity reverts
2077 - Fixed issue with incomplete PbP Calls
2156 - Fixed issue when you select a position player to pitch
2197 - Fixed issue where suitably rated players will not be selected as starting catcher unless set as catchers
2272 - Fixed issue where OOTP X gives an Illegal instruction error in Linux
2329 - Fixed issue where waiver claims are not processed in online league
2356 - Fixed issue with incorrect free agent pool
2408 - Fixed issue with player HTML
2415 - Fixed issue where Rule 5 draftees being sent to minors instead of back to team
2481 - Fixed issue healthy player on DL exploit
2484 - Fixed issue where profile does not indicate DL when player is healthy
2619 - Fixed issue where Supplemental Draft Round order needs to be in reverse-standing order
2657 - Fixed issue where high stamina relievers pitch too many innings
2668 - Fixed issue with wrong player trying to catch a foul ball in PBP Text
2677 - Fixed issue with salary arbitration and free agency warning
2798 - Fixed issue where AI seems too willing to give away depth in trades
2799 - Fixed issue where Compensation Picks for a Team that Signs Multiple Type A Free Agents Not Awarded per MLB Rules
2943 - Fixed issue with inconsistent PbP text
2980 - Fixed issue where ball animation goes berzerk on catcher-interence plays
2916 - Fixed issue where buttons don't work with multiple dialog boxes
2920 - Fixed issue with Gamelog text error when there is an FC play on an SH
2969 - Fixed issue with a confusing piece of PbP
2978 - Fixed issue with incorrect Minor League Teams/Structure
2987 - Fixed issue where if out is recorded on final scoring play, game log line for inning does not update score correctly.
2988 - Fixed issue where end of game score in PBP is incorrect
2989 - Fixed issue where rating alignment in player profile not centered
3006 - Fixed issue where if you have a position player to pitch the warning box appears twice
3008 - Fixed issue with fielding ratings and "Ask AI for Depth Charts"
3018 - Fixed issue where OOTP black screen has problems webcast, widget views
3047 - Fixed issue where human players have no foreign player limit.
3054 - Fixed issue with inexplicable baserunning and steal ability ratings
3058 - Fixed issue where contracts still being listed as 0 year's in history
3065 - Fixed issue where sorting any category on team html page causes formatting issue
3071 - Fixed issue where team can go over budget by signing players on waivers
3074 - Fixed Vista uninstall issue
3077 - Fixed issue with disordered PbP
3080 - Fixed issue where AI fails to throw home when winning run is trying to score
3082 - Fixed issue where league home page missing graphics in news
3084 - Fixed issue where there is no progress bar when updating the league file for online leagues
3088 - Fixed issue with wrong batting stats vs opponent in PBP
3092 - Fixed issue where unlicense option in Windows menu does not work
3099 - Fixed issue where customizing OOTP throws HTML error
3113 - Fixed issue where specifying external browser in Game Preferences does not stick
3135 - Fixed issue where final corrected version of Master.csv is not in the game
3141 - Fixed issue with incomplete PbP
3143 - Fixed issue where salary abritration default number not showing up for GMs take over teams after postseason
3144 - Fixed issue where crowd sounds like an ocean
3167 - Fixed issue where Team Info cut off on webcast screen
3177 - Fixed pitching bug
3181 - Fixed issue where pre-game lineup display formatted incorrectly when stars are disabled
3183 - Fixed issue where AI Drafts too many washed up older players
3184 - Fixed issue where out of town scoreboard not working properly
3210 - Fixed issue where leagues with no minors don't have the "All of Organisation" choice in Roster view options
3218 - Fixed issue where drop down date selector on almanac scoreboard doesn't work
3234 - Fixed connection error checking help
3241 - Fixed issue where status of scroll bar lost when returning to page
3251 - Fixed issue with help file for import/export ballparks
3267 - Fixed issue where inconsistent display of OSA scouted ratings vs scouting director
3274 - Fixed issue where manual PDF in installer is incorrect
3275 - Fixed issue where AI Manager short staffing in minors
3299 - Fixed issue where Keep All Fielding Stats not saving
3298 - Fixed issue where manual incorrectly says you can't trade after deadline
3300 - Fixed error in SQL Dump
3303 - Fixed issue where incorrect gamelog entry on play at 3rd during attempted SH
3310 - Fixed issue where spring training games being played on the same day as regular season games
3314 - Fixed issue where fictional players in historical league lose fielding ability
3315 - Fixed issue where Make Fictional Player Contracts Button Gives Low Contracts Before Spring Training
3316 - Fixed problems with PbP for squeeze bunt
3317 - Fixed issue with frequent HTML timeouts in in-game help
3320 - Fixed issue where MIssing tab in Player Profile when looking at from in-game
3322 - Fixed issue where Auto sim lists teams backwards
3323 - Fixed Error in Message ID 240 - Fixed issue where Seems to have two subjects combined
3324 - Fixed issue where Cannot Delete Retired Players
3325 - Fixed issue where Unable to include League file download information in file when set to download via HTTP
3326 - Fixed issue where Historical players do not import in certain circumstances
3329 - Fixed issue where "Ask AI" fails with "no bench coach" error
3339 - Fixed issue where OOTP X takes control of Linux Sound Subsystem
3340 - Fixed issue with 0-year minor league contracts
3342 - Fixed issue where AI not properly considering defensive ratings
3343 - Fixed issue where Player asks for extension even though he has been offered one.
3344 - Fixed issue with hidden ball
3346 - Fixed issue where Team File Import functionality Inconsistent
3350 - Fixed issue where Passed Balls Shouldn't Happen During Pitch Outs
3352 - Fixed issue where Player morale should not apply during ST
3353 - Fixed issue with Inherited runners at start of inning
3355 - Fixed Out of town scoreboard problem
3356 - Fixed issue where Walk-off 3-run homer should not have occurred
3362 - Fixed issue where Pickoffs in Short PbP appear to do nothing.
3363 - Fixed issue where Players qualifying for Super-2 Arbitration changes throughout the offseason
3367 - Fixed issue where Unsigned Type-A Free Agents retaining their Compensation status for multiple seasons
3368 - Fixed issue where BABIP calculation in Player Editor not working correctly
3369 - Fixed issue where Photos must be in lower case and mixed case in Linux
3373 - Fixed issue where No international scouting finds in Major League games
3376 - Fixed issue where Closing game disrupts draft order
3377 - Fixed issue where Manager of Year awarded to unqualified manager
3378 - Fixed issue where Bookmarks for HTML reports do not work correctly
3382 - Fixed issue where runner fails to score on ground ball with bases loaded
3383 - Fixed intentional walk strategy in-game
3391 - Fixed issue where Online League: release players with X days or less of DFA
3393 - Fixed issue where infield plays in with two outs
3395 - Fixed issue with Contract, Waive, Claimed, Waived, etc...
3397 - Fixed Error Editing Player Personality Value
3404 - Fixed issue where RBI not credited correctly
3407 - Fixed issue where PbP problem with rare play
3408 - Fixed issue where Wrong Stadium Given in email message
3412 - Fixed issue where incorrect ranking in hardcoded PbP
3413 - Fixed issue where Export/Import rosters causing some players to get zero dollar ML contracts
3414 - Fixed issue with news on Team HTML Pages
3416 - Fixed issue where Arbitration Estimates Displayed as League Minimum when 1.5 Times League Minimum is Lowest Value Awarded
3417 - Fixed issue where HTML Reports Incorrectly Hide Other Ratings when Actual Ratings are Disabled
3420 - Fixed issue where Make fictional personnel contracts resets contracts to major league levels
3421 - Fixed issue where Shop Player Disabled for Players with Previously Expiring Contracts After Playoffs who Signed Extensions
3423 - Fixed issue where Historical pitch data not importing correctly
3424 - Fixed issue where Exceedingly High Ticket Prices Yield Unrealistically High Revenue
3427 - Fixed issue where Team Yearly History Doesn't Denote Left Handed Pitchers
3429 - Fixed issue where Player History Has A Grammar Error
3429 - Fixed issue where Career playoff stats lost on import
3434 - Fixed issue where Allow Free Agents from Other Leagues blocks some free agents from current league
3435 - Fixed issue where LEAGUE_SCHEDULE_PAGE::create_page - Fixed issue where invalid league ID error
3436 - Fixed issue where Pinch Hitter incorrectly shown as wrong position in widget
3438 - Fixed issue where Directory Over 1000 files won't Display for Load
3440 - Fixed issue where Too Many Poor Defensive Shortstops Chosen over Better Defenders Already in Lineup
3443 - Fixed issue where Player name is generated with first and last names from different set
3445 - Fixed issue where Game crashes upon loading Available Personnel
3446 - Fixed issue with Disabled list and morale
3447 - Fixed issue where Pitcher fields ball in 6M zone in game log
3452 - Fixed issue where When managing in minors, AI changes lineups/depth charts/rotation
3453 - Fixed issue where Player reports show nation instead of nationality
3454 - Fixed issue where Projected Final Balance in Front Office does not calculate correctly
3458 - Fixed error in hard-coded fan reaction text for contracts
3466 - Fixed issue where Pitcher stamina incorrect upon historical import
3468 - Fixed issue where Bunt for hit doesn't register in pitcher's stats
3472 - Fixed issue where Puerto Ricans Considered Foreign in MLB Draft
3475 - Fixed issue where Message About Batting Title Is Garbled
3478 - Fixed issues with bonus AI
3479 - Fixed issue with Player Personality Ratings
3480 - Fixed issue where Free Agents Shouldn't Offer Discounted Contracts During Playoffs
3484 - Fixed ability for Commish to re-assign returning GMs in Online League Mode
3485 - Fixed issue where Using AB values less than 550 in Create Ratings from Stats bumps up ratings
3488 - Fixed issue where Compensation Picks are sometimes not rewarded for Type-A free agents
3490 - Fixed issue where Starting Pitcher Needlessly Threw 176 Pitches
3491 - Fixed issue where Clear Lineup After Use Option Doesn't Clear Starting Pitchers
3492 - Fixed issue where Adding a Rookie League During Season Caused League Level to be "All Levels"
3493 - Fixed issue where Transaction Logs for Some Teams Lost in Import/Export Process for Online Leagues
3494 - Fixed issue where Hall Of Fame Type pitchers Importing With Only 2 Pitches
3497 - Fixed issue where Stadiums are changed yearly even when not desired
3498 - Fixed issue where SP prospects are being undervalued by AI
3502 - Fixed issue where clicking on bottom links sometimes redirects browser to OOTP page
3503 - Fixed issue where In-Game Ratings Do Not Match Scout's View (Dropdown)
3510 - Fixed issue where Super-2 Arbitration players default to no arbitration
3516 - Fixed issue where Contracts on import/export function are defaulting to 2009
3517 - Fixed issue where Stuff in past 'Scouting Reports' shows up as 1 for every pitcher
3520 - Fixed Positional Strength error
3522 - Fixed issue where AI Plays Infield In with two Outs
3525 - Fixed issue where Contract Extension Message is incorrect
3527 - Fixed issue where News Log doesn't include 3000th hit, or major accomplishments
3529 - Fixed issue where too many players want to be "the closer"
3529 - Fixed issue where incorrect object called in PbP
3532 - Fixed issue where Contract extensions display extension starting in wrong year
3533 - Fixed issue where Online leagues release newly drafted players
3534 - Fixed issue where AVG Park Factor Not Functioning Properly
3535 - Fixed issue where Clicking the Delete Players who never made majors doesn't work.
3536 - Fixed issue where All Minor League players disappear from transaction screen
3537 - Fixed issue where Re-import of names file is not working without error
3539 - Fixed issue with double decimal points in Fielding DB
3540 - Fixed issue where Minor Leaguers on active roster during Spring Training have difficulty being moved off the Disabled List
3541 - Fixed CDT bug in PISD_STRING::decrypt()
3542 - Fixed issue where Data Dump of League Leaders Doesn't Tell you the League
3543 - Fixed issue where Changing Pitcher Role No Longer Changes Stuff
3544 - Fixed issue where Background crowd noise cutting out during game
3546 - Fixed issue where Parser Error pointing to BNN Home
3547 - Fixed issue where "Generate Depth Chart based on Lineup" doesn't work
3551 - Fixed issue where Force start at position does not work
3552 - Fixed issue where Teams with no nicknames screw up logo generation
3556 - Fixed issue where An injured player on DFA put on DL can cause 40 man roster issues
3557 - Fixed issue minor problem in hints.txt
3558 - Fixed issue problems related to free agent contracts
3559 - Fixed issue where Players have different contract demands for teams in different leagues
3563 - Fixed issue where 'Force Update/Generate Player Pictures' Option Doesn't Take The Beard Settings Into Consideration
3565 - Fixed issue where Waiver pullbacks not working correctly with 40 man
3566 - Fixed rare CTD
3567 - Fixed issue where Changing sub-league abbreviation causes crash
3568 - Fixed issue where Player History Erases As Time Goes On
3574 - Fixed issue where New manager team assignment not sticking
3576 - Fixed issue where Blocking msg box buttons don't work on top of other dialog
3577 - Fixed issue where 'Clear linuep after use' needs to clear the Starting Pitcher as well
3581 - Fixed issue where Installing Mac OS update causes license to be deactivated
3584 - Fixed issue where Unable to select specific logo using "Load" tab
3589 - Fixed issue where Incorrect message box in database restore
3590 - Fixed issue where Help fails to open in restore dialog boxes
3591 - Fixed issue where Parser Error pointing to BNN Team Page News
3592 - Fixed issue where Game crashes when uploading or downloading via FTP
3598 - Fixed issue where Missing lineup slot in team home page summary
3599 - Fixed issue where Green highlighting of starting players has vanished
3601 - Fixed issue where Upload league files button missing from Game Setup (Online Options) screen

With Major League spring training getting underway, sports fans' thoughts are turning to baseball once again. For thousands of baseball fans, spring training also means gearing up for the latest edition of Out of the Park Development's baseball management series, Out of the Park Baseball. OOTP Developments is proud to announce the beginning of the preorder period for Out of the Park Baseball 10, their most ambitious baseball management simulation to date.

OOTP 10 is a further evolution of the game that offers gamers the ultimate in realistic baseball simulation. With a completely revised individual pitch model and a host of other new and improved features, OOTP 10 offers something for new and existing customers alike.

Key Features:

  • 2009 Major League Rosters - Play with a complete Major League setup, including all affiliated minor leagues, with thousands of accurately rated players placed on their 2009 Opening Day rosters, right down through rookie league, for the ultimate in Major League gaming experience!
  • Solo or online play - Enjoy solo play with practically unlimited replayability, or join an online league and compete with other human GMs for the ultimate management challenge.
  • Historical mode - Play with real leagues, teams, or players from any historical Major League season from 1871 through 2008.
  • Multiple, flexible styles of play - Mimic real-world baseball. Create a completely fictional baseball world. Perform a historical replay of the 1968 season. Heck, do a combination of all of these! OOTP offers unmatched flexibility in setting up the kind of baseball universe you want.
  • Complete general management - If a GM does it in real life, you can probably do it in OOTP. Define scouting budgets. Make trades. Handle the amateur draft. Scour the waiver wire. Sign free agents. Negotiate contract extensions. Demote and promote players within your organization. You can even define depth charts, lineups, and pitching staffs for every team in your organization. It's all up to you! Of course, if that's a little overwhelming, you can choose to delegate some or all of these functions to your team personnel, too.
  • Play-by-play mode - In OOTP, you can choose to fulfill solely the general manager duties, or you can take over on the bench as well, playing out any games you wish with our detailed play-by-play engine. Choose defensive strategies, make substitutions on the fly, and give the hitter that "swing away" sign. OOTP will "call" the play with an ongoing stream of announcer text, almost as if you were listening to the radio!
  • Realistic statistical engine - With OOTP, you can enjoy a realistic statistical engine based on modern baseball theory such as DIPS. See your players perform in a consistent, realistic manner over ten, twenty, even fifty simulated years, and watch as your own Hall of Fame grows before your eyes.
  • League report generation - OOTP can generate a staggering set of HTML reports for your league, containing individual reports for each player, team, and league in your game.
  • Unparalleled customizability - Customization has long been the hallmark of OOTP. Options within the game allow you to define precisely how you want your baseball universe to operate, from the # of leagues, divisions, and teams in your league to the rules for these leagues, including finances, free agency, waiver rules, roster sizes, and more.

Key Enhancements in OOTP 10

  • Redesigned Pitching System - OOTP's newly recoded pitch system adds individual pitch ratings and reworks the endurance/role system and the impact of velocity and groundball percentage in the game engine, resulting in the most realistic game and player development engine on the planet! Will your veteran ace keep his blazing fastball for another year? Will the youngster develop that promising changeup and become a dominating starter? This new system will change the way you play OOTP!
  • Customizable In-Game Screen - A new in-game screen will feature 'widgets' which can be activated and freely moved around on the screen. That way, users can adjust the info they see to their preferences and screen resolution.
  • Inaugural Draft With Budgets - Now the user can set team budgets before an inaugural draft takes place, either all balanced, individually, or based on city population. Player have contract demands which combined must not exceed your draft budget, and the manager has to keep an eye on the budget when making his picks. The old mode without budgets is still available as well, of course. Can you draft the perfect team?
  • Improved Arbitration & Free Agent Compensation - The arbitration period now work as in real life. Players state their demand, and teams set their maximum offer or do not offer arbitration at all, in which case the player becomes a free agent. If the team submits an offer, an arbitrator will rule in favor of either the team or the player. On top of that, players eligible for free agency need to be offered arbitration as well if the team wants to receive compensation once the player signs with a different team. Compensation now follow real major league rules, and a supplemental first draft round has been added to the first-year player draft.

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