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Planet Calypso

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: MindArk
Developer: MindArk
Release Date: Jan. 30, 2003

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'Planet Calypso' to Auction Off Crystal Palace Space Station

by Rainier on Dec. 8, 2009 @ 2:54 a.m. PST

Entropia Universe is the largest Real Cash Economy Massively Multiplayer Online Game in the world, offering players the ability to participate in a unique virtual world where they have no monthly costs.

First Planet Company announced that the online public auction of the Crystal Palace Space Station will begin on December 14th, 2009.  The winning bidder will acquire the property deed plus obtain exclusive taxation rights for activities.  Crystal Palace is already an extremely popular hunting destination that is in orbit around Planet Calypso. 

This auction is the third major property opportunity offered on Planet Calypso.  The first auction, for Treasure Island, took place in 2004 and sold for $26,500 USD.  Australian gamer, David "Deathifier" Storey recouped his full investment within 12 months and has continued to make a profit.  The second, and much larger, auction took place in 2005 when American gamer Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs bought a Virtual Space Resort for a record-breaking $100,000 USD. Due to his virtual nightclub and the profits obtained from mining/hunting rights and property sales on the resort, Mr. Jacob's fortune was valued at $1.5 million USD in 2006.  Operating profitably from day one the Club NEVERDIE Resort brought in over $50,000 USD in mining/hunting rights alone in its first five months.

The auction will begin on December14th and last until December 28th with an initial opening bid of 1 PED ($.10 USD). To take part in the auction, download the game at, the official website and create a free account. Once an avatar has been created players can easily enter the world and deposit funds into their account via the game's website or in-game interface.   Players can gain access to the auction via the Auctioneer character located in all major towns on Planet Calypso. The winner will own this unique hunting destination with a number of high-level creatures not available anywhere else on Planet Calypso.

First Planet Company is the developer and publisher of Planet Calypso, the largest real cash economy MMORPG in the world. Players have the ability to participate in a unique virtual economy where they only pay for the game when they play, and they can actually make money.  It is also the first MMORPG to use CryTek's stunning CryENGINE 2 for amazing graphics and physics.  Six years after the initial launch as Project Entropia, the game is now called "Planet Calypso" and its real cash economy is still the mainstay of this MMORPG. 

Planet Calypso is a free download available at the game's official website.  

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