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The Guild 2: Venice

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Jowood

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'The Guild 2: Venice'- v3.5 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 17, 2009 @ 4:40 a.m. PST

The Guild 2: Venice will show the fascinating ambiance of Venice Including its small side streets, gondoliers and the mystical carnival, all of which promise many hours of gaming fun. Live your life in The Guild 2: Venice the way the medieval population did, by having a family, earning money and enjoying the romance of Venice. Who knows. Maybe you will meet the infamous Casanova!

Get The Guild 2: Venice v3.5 Patch off WP (85mb)

Add-on for The Guild 2 which will take the player to the most fascinating city of the 15th century: Venice. Built on more than hundred islands and popular for the gondoliers with their famous songs Venice is still the pearl of the Adria.

The Guild 2: Venice will show the fascinating ambience of Venice. Small Sidestreets, Gondolieres and the mystical carnival promise many hours of game fun. Live your life in The Guild 2 – Venezia like the medieval population did – build up your family, earn money and enjoy the romance of Venice. Maybe you will meet the famous Casanova.

Enjoy the fascinating history of Venice – the city which is to day as fascinating as in the past.

Guild 2 Venice v3.5 fixes:

  • Collision for buildings fixed
  • Fixed fire locator for some buildings. It was below the roof in some cases.
  • Sale Icons for buildings fixed
  • Bomb locator for buildings fixed
  • Reduction in Game memory consumption by compressing the texture.
  • Alpha sorting issue for some buildings(SanMarco, statue_angel) fixed
  • Building Icons in building view panel fixed
  • AI problem of filling raw materials in workshop fixed
  • AI problem of buying a lot of carts fixed
  • Fixed production of Church bells in glass workshop
  • Not able to produce weapons poison in tinctury level 2 issue fixed
  • Missing icon for duel place added
  • Modify the use antidote measure
  • Optimize prices of glass workshop product
  • Different building design for different maps
  • Missing text issues fixed
  • Scaffold issues for buildings fixed
  • Fixed issue of wrong pointing arrow and animation in tutorials.
  • 2 Save Game crash issue removed
  • Fixed random crashes and freezing in game.
  • Fixed Crash while running measure ?protectorate?
  • Fixed crash on naming daughter/son
  • Fixed crash while trying to view market items properties
  • Player character still working after selling the building issue fixed
  • Missing Mini Map symbol added
  • Building upgrades issues fixed
  • Game crash when building cattle gate fixed
  • Arrange an Arrest and torture in prison works now perfectly
  • NPC swiming through the walls fixed
  • Fixed: Weaponcrate is named armorcrate and viceversa
  • Fixed: Second character in Group leveling problems
  • Fixed: Missing window of Weaving Mill
  • Fixed: Crystal Manufacturer started buying a lot of carts
  • Fixed: Can't produce Church bells in my glass workshop

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