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'Octomania' (Wii) Coming to Europe - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 17, 2009 @ 3:22 p.m. PST

Octomania is a new online multiplayer family-friendly game offering challenging puzzle gameplay, and a variety of different play modes, with a story of mischief and mayhem filled with zany characters.

The game is set in the land of Lonronpia, which has been over-run by thousands of octopi summoned accidentally by an apprentice magician. Players will be tasked with undoing this dark magic and ridding the land of hordes of invading octopi.

Using the intuitive Nintendo Wii control system players need to move octopi in colour coded sequences to unleash multiple combo chains and special attacks. Gameplay is fast and furious as you use brain and brawn to vanquish these colourful and zany octopi foes across emerging levels of difficulty.

Multiple game modes are available including story mode, arcade mode and ‘Endless’ mode, which test both speed and endurance as you work through Octomania’s myriad of challenging puzzles. Octomania can also be enjoyed by family, friends in Local Co-op, Versus modes and against players worldwide in online WFC multiplayer mode.

Head of Sales, Sam Collins said “The puzzle game genre is a hugely popular with a wide demographic, appealing to both hardcore and casual gamers. Octomania is one of the most addictive puzzle games in the genre and has already enjoyed huge success in the Japanese and American markets.

Pull off a giant chain and cripple your opponent with a nasty Sea Urchin attack! Clear your screen of Octopi as quickly as you can to win the game!

Features :

  • Encounter weird and wonderful foes in your mission to free Lonronpia of octopi! Story mode features multiple stages with cunning opponents, while Arcade offers a quick blast of octo-smashing action!
  • Local split screen multiplayer for 2-4 players, plus fastpaced Nintendo WFC multiplayer mode for 2 players!
  • Feature-packed gameplay that’s easy to learn and tough to master. Use combo chains and special attacks to triumph across multiple diffi culty levels.
  • Tutorial mode makes the simple rules even easier to follow, so all the family can pick up and play!
  • Quick and easy ‘point and click’ Wii Remote control system. Plus

Available in North America since March 11, 2008, Octomania is coming to Europe in Q2 2009.

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