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Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Terminal Reality / Red Fly Studios
Release Date: June 16, 2009

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'Ghostbusters: The Video Game' (ALL) Powered by Terminal Reality's New Engine

by Rainier on Feb. 18, 2009 @ 1:32 a.m. PST

All four members of the movie team (Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis) will lend their voices and likenesses to the game, which is set in the '90s after Ghostbusters II. Equipped with a variety of unique weapons and gadgets, players will hunt, fight and capture a wide range of supernatural villains in a funny and frightening battle to save New York City from its latest paranormal plague.

When Manhattan is once again overrun by ghosts and other supernatural creatures, players will take on the role of a new recruit joining the famous Ghostbusters team.

Working closely with Sony Pictures Consumer Products Inc. and acclaimed development studio Terminal Reality, Atari will bring this completely new story to advanced gaming platforms coinciding with the 25th anniversary celebration of the film’s original theatrical release. Ghostbusters: The Video Game, based on the smash hit motion picture franchise, also reunites original cast members to recapture the unique blend of humour and fright that established Ghostbusters as a pop culture sensation.

Terminal Reality's next-generation development platform, the Infernal Engine powers Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Terminal Reality will also license the Infernal Engine to third parties and is currently scheduling private meetings at the DICE Conference this February 17 – 20 in Red Rock, NV.

The Infernal Engine offers excellent cross platform support and is compatible with all of the leading gaming systems as well as the PC. Thanks to the extensive experience of the team at Terminal Reality, the Infernal Engine takes full advantage of next generation hardware while scaling easily to all systems. Veteran monster-killer The Stranger (from Terminal Reality’s 1999 title Nocturne) appears here in his new incarnation, updated to take full advantage of Infernal Engine’s latest tech advances. The Stranger will be featured in upcoming Infernal Engine technology demos.

The Infernal Engine provides an advanced physics solution, powerful particle system, and rendering features that provide ultra-realistic environments and characters. On top of a great feature set, the Infernal Engine comes with best-in-class support and a streamlined content pipeline to maximize productivity.

“Terminal Reality’s Infernal Engine is a breakthrough in efficiency for game development middleware. Our licensees can leverage their work across more platforms, in less time, than any other engine – giving them a competitive edge critical for success,” said Joe Kreiner, VP of Sales and Marketing with Terminal Reality. “Our licensees get stunning visuals, fast time to market, and the support of Terminal Reality - one of most experienced independent game developers in the industry.”

"Infernal's integrated toolset and speedy build process help us prototype levels and gameplay quickly. Our artists have a lot of control over the look of the game compared to other popular engines. Additionally, the pipeline allows painless model importing and their material system is easy to use. The built-in scripting system and object tools allow designers and artists to be more flexible with limited resources, while the cross-platform nature of Infernal reduced our overall multi-SKU development risk," said Dan Irish CEO, Threewave Software.

Terminal Reality will be showing the Infernal Engine to interested developers and publishers by appointment only at the DICE Conference in Red Rock, NV from February 17 – 20, 2009. Companies interested in the Infernal Engine licensing information can visit the engine's official website, or email with a DICE appointment request.

Atari has released new gameplay assets from Ghostbusters: The Video Game, a title based on the classic films and featuring the original film cast: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. When Manhattan is once again overrun by ghosts, players take on the role of a new recruit joining the Ghostbusters team. The game is being developed by Terminal Reality and Red Fly Studios for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS2, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Ghostbusters: The Video Game is expected on June 16th, 2009 in North America and June 19th, 2009, worldwide.

"In taking on such a storied franchise as Ghostbusters, everyone at Terminal Reality was determined to create a unique gaming experience that would excite and enthrall fans of the original movies," said Kreiner.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game was penned by original Ghostbusters writers Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd and reunites members of the original cast for the first time in 20 years. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson lend their voices and in-game likenesses to the original story set two years after Ghostbusters II, with Manhattan once again overrun by ghosts and supernatural forces. The game also features performances from fan favourites such as William Atherton (Walter Peck), Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz) and Brian Doyle-Murray (portraying Mayor Jock Mulligan).

To deliver a special gaming experience to the tremendous Ghostbusters' fan base around the world, the game will feature the original film cast from Columbia Pictures' classic Ghostbusters films, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson, back again for the first time in more than 20 years. Supporting the ghost busting crew are the talents of Annie Potts, Brian Doyle Murray and William Atherton.

The player joins up as a new recruit with the original team, testing a variety of unique equipment and gadgets, to track, wrangle and trap this wide range of awe-inspiring phantasms in an all new funny and frightening battle to save New York City from its latest paranormal plague.

Key Features :

  • Authentic Ghostbusters Experience: The game features the voices and in-game likenesses of Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson in an original story penned by the writers of the original films Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis
  • Unique gameplay: Experience unique ghost hunting, wrangling and trapping with upgradeable weapons in widely destructible environments and large scale boss fights
  • All New Storyline – Set two years after Ghostbusters II, the game will feature an all new storyline as the player battles and captures well-loved and brand new ghosts throughout New York

The launch will also leverage Atari’s worldwide distribution network to maximize the presence of Ghostbusters: The Video Game around the globe as Sony marks the film’s upcoming 25th anniversary.


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