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Capcom and The Guildhall Join the PC Gaming Alliance

by Rainier on Feb. 3, 2009 @ 6:18 p.m. PST

The PC Gaming Alliance, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to driving the worldwide growth of PC gaming, announced the addition of representatives from Capcom and The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University (SMU) to their Board of Directors.

The addition of these two leading organizations significantly broadens participation in the PCGA by the publisher and educational stakeholder communities and will provide the PCGA with much greater insight into their PC gaming issues and requirements.

“Capcom believes strongly in the value and strength of the PC gaming market as a global platform for our entertainment brands,” said Christian Svensson, vice president, business development and strategic planning. “Our participation in the PCGA’s activities over the past year has greatly improved our understanding of the market, provided us great business opportunities and allowed us to participate in improving the field of PC gaming. We’re pleased to have a representative on the board in order to directly help shape the future of the PC gaming environment.”

“In order to fulfill our mission of providing the future professionals and leaders of the video game industry, we need to be engaged in all aspects of the value chain,” said Dr. Peter Raad, PCGA board member and executive director of The Guildhall at SMU. “We believe the work of the PCGA is vitally needed to ensure that the PC remains a viable platform of choice for gamers worldwide.”

Just last month, the PCGA unveiled a new membership structure fine-tuned to encourage broad industry participation. Member companies now enjoy access to a wealth of insight into PC Gaming, including the annual Horizons report, an in-depth financial analysis of the PC gaming industry worldwide. Promoter members can track progress and influence the work of the PCGA to develop a set of minimum hardware and software guidelines to improve consumer experiences, combat piracy, publish primary research, and advance the PC gaming ecosystem as a whole. While Contributor members collectively act as an advisory council to the alliance leadership.

“Since the PCGA was formed, the organization and its member companies have spread the word that PC gaming is a thriving $54 billion a year industry,” said PCGA president Randy Stude. “With the recent addition of Sony DADC and Howie’s Game Shack to our membership roll, we are already seeing proof that our new structure will provide the right mix of benefits for a greater number of industry players, while also better serving our current members and the overall PC gaming community.”

To find more information on joining the PCGA and its role as the voice of the PC gaming industry, visit the official PCGA website.

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