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Totem Tribe

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Casual
Publisher: Enkord
Developer: Enkord

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'Totem Tribe' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 5, 2009 @ 4:01 a.m. PST

High adventure, real time strategy and hidden object gameplay come together for the first time in Totem Tribe. Restore balance to a dying world and find enough treasure to last a lifetime!

Get the Totem Tribe [PC] Demo off WP (45mb)

While exploring more than 20 islands, completing dozens of quests and defeating fierce enemies, players will restore balance to a dying world and find enough treasure to last a lifetime.

Enkord developed Totem Tribe for casual gamers, who prefer simple game mechanics and easy controls. For example, unlike most real time strategy games, Totem Tribe requires no resource management. This allows players to begin creating units and constructing buildings immediately. Also, instead of selecting groups of units and then clicking on a location to perform a task, players place banners that represent the tasks different units perform around the island.

The straightforward approach to exploration and combat in Totem Tribe gives players time to look for jewels and artifacts. The search for hidden objects is also incorporated into some of the quests. For instance, on one island, players must build towers, which reveal distant shores where seashells can be found. After collecting all of the seashells, players can unlock a treasure chest containing an artifact that will help to bring balance to the world. In a first for casual real time strategy games, players can return to any island they have completed and continue searching for objects they missed their first time through.

In development at Enkord for two years, Totem Tribe offers many hours of casual entertainment. Even after completing the main quest, players can start again and aim for a different ending. Totem Tribe offers three endings in all, including Good, Evil and Flawless.

Key Features :

  • 23 locations to explore
  • over 120 quests and puzzles
  • toughest enemies to battle
  • 3 possible endings of Aruku's story

Wrapped around the compelling and satisfying gameplay in Totem Tribe are colorful visuals, audio packed with tropical atmosphere and lively music.

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