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'Project Monarch' - New Screens

by Rainier on March 10, 2009 @ 4:10 a.m. PDT

Project Monarch, developed by Korean based Maius Games, is a fusion RPG combining Eastern and Western fantasy, showing stories of distress and ideals as well as hostility that humans experience in the heavenly world where the war of the Gods unfolds.

The major feature of "Project Monarch" -­ which combines the MO and MMO formats -­ is the fast and dynamic action of characters. It uses a high-performance game engine independently developed by Maius Games, and its aim is to enable smooth play even in low-end PCs.

Contrary to the standardized growth in class of most games, the type of growth of "Project Monarch" varies according to which kind of skill-related quest you choose. Furthermore, along with realistic siege warfare using a wide range of siege weapons, you can also engage in community and economic activities through the tax income from managing the area.

According to one of the administrators, Project Monarch is a game as competitive as the ‘splendid-action based major online games that are becoming hot issues of the recent Korean online game market’, which is on its way to distinguish itself from other games by focusing on the continuous battle with other forces and situation-based tactics that can be done from application of summoned monsters.

Maius Games Inc. is planning to launch the siege warfare build, a siege that targets the castles protected by armies of monsters, and take this as a sales version to contact and make contracts with major publishers.

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