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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on March 10, 2009 @ 5:22 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Madworld (Wii)

From the creative minds of PlatinumGames Inc., this highly stylized game with over-the-top violence and visceral action incorporates irreverent humor that immerses the players into a graphic novel world that makes for a gaming experience unlike any other. Madworld is the title that hardcore gamers looking for additional mature content on Wii have been waiting for.

In Madworld, Varrigan City is driven into chaos by an outbreak of a deadly virus and taken under siege by a terrorist group simply known as “The Organizers.” The terrorists have isolated the citizens from the rest of the world, and have turned the city into a bizarre and twisted game show called “DeathWatch.” In this deadly game, the citizens have become reluctant contestants and are pitted against lethal bosses and blood thirsty enemies, it is the ultimate battle of life or death where only the strong will survive.

As Jack, players enter DeathWatch and explore over ten different environments, using various weapons such as chainsaws, spiked bats, street signs, and daggers, to defeat enemies and solve the mystery behind the deadly game show. The more creative your kill, the more points you accumulate to access more weapons, mini games called “BloodBath Challenges,” and boss battles within the game. Players can also compete with their friends in BloodBath Challenges to see who can achieve the most mayhem! Madworld offers versus mode for two players on split screen for a competitive and satisfying gameplay experience.

The Wii Remote and Nunchuk lend themselves well for an intuitive and visceral gameplay experience using a variety of motions that mimic the action on screen. Lively sports commentators voiced by two talented actors, Greg Proops and John DiMaggio, call out moves as Jack performs them on his enemies. The comical color commentary contributes to the game’s unique tone and adds another layer to the over-the-top action.

Boing! Docomodake (NDS)

Boing! Docomodake is a game of strategy and finesse, mixed with a little action and adventure, sprinkled with a splash of colorful fantasy.

Set on the day of the annual festival held in the Docomodake Forest, the Docomodake family is nowhere to be seen! Gamers play as Papa Docomodake and guide him through various obstacles and challenges in order to find his family and get them to the festival on time. Papa Docomodake has a trick or two to help him on his quest . With a tap of the stylus he can release 'Minis' that aid him when the going gets a little tough. Remember, Minis make the impossible possible!

Key Features:

  • Jump, Dig and Climb your way through puzzle based levels, as you navigate your way through the Docomodake Forest
  • Use the Stylus to split Papa Docomodake into Minis (initially up to 4). Splitting into Minis allows Papa Docomodake to:
    • Become smaller to fit through tight areas
    • Get an extra boost and climb to unreachable areas
    • Fill in gaps so that he can cross treacherous terrain
    • Find more Minis along your journey and increase your versatility
  • Share the game with a friend using the Single-Cart Docomodake Demo feature
  • Buy collectible items in the game with the coins you find along the way
  • Tutorial Level available to sharpen your skills

Boing! Docomodake is a fun and interactive game, sure to entertain gamers of all ages, shrooming across North America at an affordable $19.99.

Trivial Pursuit (PS2/Wii/PS3/X360)

The Trivial Pusuit video game builds on the original gameplay that has been so popular over the past 25 years by adding new categories, questions and modes of play with dynamic visuals and social

“Trivial Pusuit brings Hasbro’s classic trivia board game to life with a fresh, innovative style coupled with a diverse assortment of classic categories and new questions that will appeal to every kind of trivia buff in the family,” said Chip Lange, General Manager of EA’s Hasbro Division. “We’re also introducing new ways to play that will keep everyone engaged, competitive and on the edge of their seat. Players will need to bring their wealth of knowledge to the game, as well as a detailed understanding of what their opponents may or may not know in order to run the board to victory.”

The Trivial Pusuit video game features three ways to play: Classic, which mimics traditional board game play; Clear the Board, a single-player experience that challenges players to race against the clock to earn multipliers for the highest possible score; and Facts & Friends, a highly social multiplayer mode of play where scoring is based on team responses and guessing the opposing team’s ability to answer their trivia question correctly.

“The Trivial Pusuit brand is celebrating 25 years of testing the knowledge of multiple generations based on the millions of families who have played the game over the years,” said Mark Blecher, General Manager of Digital Media and Gaming at Hasbro. “EA’s re-imagination of the time-honored classic for the digital consumer is nothing less than over-the-top fun that’s expected to be a big hit with scores of long-time as well as new Trivial Pusuit fans.”

The game’s profile feature allows an ultra-competitive player to track and analyze performance statistics, such as the number of games won, a player’s best category, and the percentage of questions answered correctly in each category. This feature also compares a player’s strengths and weaknesses versus those of the opponents. Additionally, a ticker rolls at the bottom of the screen throughout game-play, keeping players informed about how they stack up against the competition.

Trivial Pusuit, rated “E” for Everyone, carries a MSRP of $39.99 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, while the PS2 version is available for $29.99.

The Maw (PC)

In this full featured 3D action adventure, players take control of Frank, a simple alien that must partner up with The Maw, a cute little blob with an insatiable hunger that makes him the most dangerous creature in the galaxy. Players will need to harness The Maw’s unstoppable growth and the incredible powers he earns, in order to help Frank find his way home.

The Maw features a lengthy, full scope, single-player experience filled with hundreds of 3D character animations, intense cinemas, cutting edge graphics technology, a professionally composed soundtrack, and much more.

The Maw will feature an all-original, interactive soundtrack by Interactive Achievement Award-winning composer Winifred Phillips, who has composed music for such well-known game titles as God of War, Speed Racer, and The Da Vinci Code. For The Maw, Phillips has created a vibrant jazz soundtrack that highlights the progress of the main characters, Frank and Maw, while simultaneously responding to the player’s actions as the game unfolds.

Twisted Pixel’s CEO Michael Wilford responds: “His cage just kinda slipped. Now he’s consuming PCs everywhere. Whoopsie.” The Maw is the company’s first original IP, a product of monumental effort by a passionate and loving team.

“Hitting all three of these amazing distribution channels is fantastic!” exclaims Twisted Pixel CCO Josh Bear. “We couldn’t be happier with our distribution partners. And now, not even Skynet is safe from Maw’s hunger. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.”

Development of the PC version of The Maw was handled by Hothead Games, the talent behind the acclaimed Penny Arcade Adventures series. “It was crucial to us to find a partner that we could depend on,” explains Twisted Pixel CTO Frank Wilson. “Hothead was the ideal choice because they had experience doing this before which we had not, and they couldn’t have been more reliable or great to work with!”

The Maw has been released today on Steam, Penny Arcade’s Greenhouse, and Direct2Drive for $9.99.

My Pet Shop (NDS)

With over 40 different types of animals, My Pet Shop offers a wide range of pets for kids to play with. From popular dog and cat breeds like pugs, golden retrievers and Russian blues, to animals from the wild such as pandas and penguins, players are sure to come across some of their favorite creatures. While the game is fun and easy to follow, it also teaches children to be organized, responsible and caring as they help run a pet store and learn to take care of animals.

Kids will get to experience all the joys of pet ownership as they feed, groom and teach tricks to animals using the intuitive stylus and Touch Screen functionality. My Pet Shop also includes fun mini-games and a wireless mode that lets players connect with friends and exchange pets, adding to the fun of portable pets.

You have just moved from the hustle and bustle of the big city to Green Town, a quiet town filled with nature. Help your mom run her pet shop and learn to take care of all kinds of animals as you become friends with the other kids in town. But beware, as you search for animals on the outskirts of town, watch out for bees waiting to sting and snakes waiting to bite!

Key Features:

  • Catch over 40 different animals, ranging from golden retrievers and calico cats to pandas and penguins. There may even be some rare breeds with different patterns and coloring hiding in the forest!
  • Care for and interact with your pets using the simple, user-friendly stylus and Touch Screen functionality to strengthen your bond with them
  • Collect items and save your allowance to shop in town and buy cute outfits for your pets
  • Play mini-games like races, obstacle courses and photo contests with your pets to show them off and gain new accessories
  • Connect with friends via local wireless connection to trade pets and items

My Pet Shop, rated E for Everyone, will be available at North American retailers for the suggested retail price of $29.99 (USD).

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