Warrior Epic

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Possibility Space

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'Warrior Epic' Spirit System Detailed - Trailer

by Rainier on March 10, 2009 @ 10:10 a.m. PDT

Warrior Epic is a free to download & play online action/RPG set in an original fantasy universe, where players can utilize a wide selection of warrior classes to go out raiding dungeons in a variety of novel environments. Warrior Epic let you play co-op campaigns or slug it out with friends in PVP.

Get the Warrior Epic [PC] Trailer off WP (65mb)

Warrior Epic is an online, action role-playing game set in an original fantasy universe. In the game, players will assume command of a Warrior Hall from which they manage their characters’ adventures. They can recruit from a wide array of Warrior Classes, each with its own style of play. The Classes and the Hall itself can be upgraded visually as well as functionally. Players adventure together in multiplayer campaigns, adventure mode, solo quests and PVP.

One of the most unique aspects of Warrior Epic is that death does not mean the end of a warrior. Instead, it opens totally new and strategic options for players. The game’s unique Warrior Spirits System enables fallen warriors to not only be revived at any time at their hall, but also to be transformed into Spirits that can be bound to weapons to increase and open weapon abilities and skills, or they can be called out to inflict massive damage depending on player needs.

Unlike most MMO’s today, Warrior Epic will offer players a satisfying online experience even if they have only a few hours a week to play. One of the ways Warrior Epic achieves this is by putting a heavy emphasis on focused, session-based missions. These 20-30 minute sessions allow a player to make significant progress in regards to leveling their Warrior, gaining loot, and accomplishing more in a much shorter time frame than other existing games.

Warrior Epic's "Spirit System" is a unique gameplay feature where the death of a character can actually be the beginning of a whole new strategy in the game. The "Spirit System" offers a player the chance to revive their fallen warrior and use them in a number of different ways to advance through the game.

Sprits are a unique feature of Warrior Epic, where the death of a warrior is the beginning of a new aspect in strategy and game play. When a warrior dies during an adventure, it turns into spirit form and resides in the sanctuary of the player's hall. The years of constant war have blurred the line between mortality and the outer realms.

This distortion has allowed spirits to be summoned by the player's living warriors on subsequent adventures where it will unleash devastating attacks on enemies; or be bound to the player's equipment to imbue the item with special powers. Both the warrior's class and level affect the spirit's capabilities. These spirits can also be resurrected back into living form.

In addition to warrior spirits garnered from a player's own warriors, there will also be monster spirits that can be found in-game. These monster spirits are useful for upgrading a player's equipment without sacrificing a warrior.

Warriors and Monster Spirits can be found in the Sanctuary of the player's Hall. The Sanctuary houses the spirits of the dead and can be viewed by the Hall Lords at their leisure; this is also where the spirits can be revived by the player. The spirits are not on a timer; meaning they won't disappear and players will be able to keep their spirits for as long as they like. However, after a player decides to infuse the spirit into a weapon or other piece of equipment, it cannot be undone. This sacrifice ensures the item will be permanently upgraded. Hall Lords must choose wisely!

Possibility Space has developed a unique “Download on Demand” technology for our games. This technology allows you to start playing even before the full game is downloaded! The game will grab the files it needs, when it needs them. All of your stats and equipment are stored on our servers, so you can play from any PC anywhere in the world simply by visiting our website and running the small install exe.

Warrior Epic is developed by Possibility Space, a studio is managed by veterans of the mainstream game industry. Their previous work includes hits like StarCraft, Age of Mythology, Gears of War, Command and Conquer III, Battle for Middle Earth, and more.

Interested parties to join the soon coming beta test can sign up here.

True Games and Possibility Space plan to launch Warrior Epic in spring 2009.


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