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505 Games Launches Mind, Body & Soul Range of Titles

by Rainier on March 16, 2009 @ 2:56 p.m. PDT

505 Games is widening its portfolio by announcing the all-new Mind, Body & Soul range exclusively for Wii and DS. The initial launch titles establish a new brand of gaming, enabling users to improve their everyday lives while having fun along the way.

Nutrition Matters for Wii and NDS offers users the ability to track their net calorific gains and losses through exercise and dieting. A simple and accessible tracking mechanism monitors both calorific burn through daily activity and food intake through an extensive nutrition database. This allows users to set their own targets over any period of time, with regular data updates to monitor progress. The nutrition reference guide can be used as a calorie fore-planner for events such as dinner parties, birthdays or even just Sunday lunch by providing calorie data, protein and fat contents for hundreds of foods. With the Wii version supporting Nintendo’s balance board as a set of digital scales, Nutrition Matters enables users to set goals and monitor one’s progress towards the perfect beach body.

Big World Puzzle Book for NDS is an interactive word based puzzle title. Some of the games within are based on traditional word play, while others have been created specifically for the game. Each game type has over 1,000 different levels, offering more puzzle action than you can shake an HB pencil at. Also included is a fully comprehensive help mode for struggling players, multiplayer modes and scalable difficulty levels to maintain a challenge throughout.

Finally, Mind Storm 2, also for Nintendo DS is the sequel to the best selling title from developer Ask Co. Ltd, which exercises all corners of the brain, from logic puzzles to analytical conundrums. 12 games each have five levels of difficulty to offer a thorough and wide-ranging puzzle experience suitable for all age groups.

“We are confident the Mind, Body & Soul. range offers something different to entice those users who perhaps don’t consider themselves ‘gamers’”, commented Alex Price, Senior Global Brand Manager for 505 Games. “The Mind, Body and Soul range is all about life enhancement. It enables people to improve their everyday lives whilst having fun at the same time.”

Mind Storm 2 and Big Word Puzzle Book both on Nintendo DS are scheduled for release in early April followed by Nutrition Matters on Nintendo DS and Wii in mid May. Watch this space for more titles across the range shortly...

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