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Fast Food Panic

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, Wii
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: SouthPeak Games
Developer: SouthPeak Interactive
Release Date: Jan. 2010

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'Fast Food Panic' (Wii/NDS) - New Screens

by Rainier on March 18, 2009 @ 10:30 a.m. PDT

In Fast Food Panic, players are determined to have their restaurant become known as the best in the country. In order to achieve that recognition, they will have to handle an increasing amount of pressure and manage a growing list of priorities, from greeting and quickly serving customers, to making the best food possible, to keeping dining tables clean and making deliveries.

Game features

The customer is always right

3 Game Modes

  • Story mode: Complete increasingly fast food missions!
  • Free mode: Play your favourite bits again… and again… and…
  • Mini Games: Loads of cooking related mini games for great single and multiplayer fun

Many Action to do At The Same Time

Prepare your dishes: Stir, chop, mix, cook, serve…
Manage your orders: Try to satisfy all your clients
Run your restaurant: Tables to clean, clients to welcome, orders to be taken… Keep an eye on the satisfaction of your customers, unhappy customers will leave
Help your waitress when she gets too busy

Cooking isn't easy when you have to od everything in a mad panic.

Use the right ingredients, don’t burn your food, and make sure it’s served correctly… or you’ll have to do it again!

Special VIP client make your task harder!

Satisfy some very special clients:

  • Big Eaters: Serve all their orders as fast as possible
  • Experts: Provide high quality service while they are in the restaurant
  • Gourmets: Serve them perfectly cooked dishes. They will look for evidence of high quality preparation in your dishes
  • The Chef: Manage the cooking in the kitchen… and the service

Special DS game features

  • 12 exciting mini games to play along
  • 5 types of meal to be cooked in several recipes : sushi, hamburgers, curry, steak, pizza, past
  • Many special events randomly generated to break the routine and make your job even funnier: Helping the waitress to clean the tables, chasing mouse, cashing up, doing the deliveries....

Special WII game features

  • 10 exciting mini games to play along.
  • 4 types of meal to be cooked in several recipes : hamburgers, steak, pizza, pasta & pancakes
  • Crazy special events randomly generated to break the routine and make your job even funnier: washing up, cleaning rubbish, cashing up....
  • Multiplayer up to 4 (and 2 in coop)


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