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Gamebryo LightSpeed Development Suite to be Introduced at GDC 09

by Rainier on March 2, 2009 @ 8:09 a.m. PST

Emergent Game Technologies will introduce its new Gamebryo LightSpeed engine at GDC, the first offering from Emergent focused on the needs of designers, delivering top-to-bottom professional grade software for start-to-finish multi-genre game development.

Gamebryo LightSpeed delivers the only top-to-bottom professional grade software for start-to-finish multi-genre game development. Gamebryo LightSpeed offers rapid prototyping, rapid iteration and real-time updates, simplifying game development with data driven framework that opens doors to exciting gameplay possibilities.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on redundant game technology development worldwide,” said Geoffrey Selzer, CEO, Emergent Game Technologies. “At a time when the industry is restructuring, and new studios are forming, not a single developer should be building its own technology from scratch. Gamebryo LightSpeed has been created from its first line of code based on the needs of game programmers and designers who develop in a wide variety of game genres.”

Current engine solutions offer vertically segmented options while Gamebryo LightSpeed allows developers to create their game in any genre on any console or PC platform.

“We’re not suggesting there are jobs to be lost in the industry; we’re offering the solution to redirect that talent into creative endeavors and we have numerous programs and efforts to support these studios. Game programming can now be laser-focused on game-specific tools that empower new kinds of gameplay, instead of rebuilding the fundamentals,” said Selzer.

Emergent’s goal was to create an engine with a flexible toolset that provides a myriad of design options, empowering the developer to focus on creative gameplay rather than worrying about the time-consuming task of tech development. Gamebryo LightSpeed sustains the entire creative process from prototype through final product giving teams the upper hand in creating better games, and reducing project time and risk. Because prototypes created with Gamebryo LightSpeed are working models, companies will not need to start from ground zero when a publisher green lights their project.

“When the game engine business took a left, we went right. With our rapid prototyping and iteration and a powerful entity modeling system, developers can get their ideas up and running in just days,” said Scott Johnson, president, Emergent Game Technologies. “Most dev teams today are not beholden to one category of game and therefore must evaluate their overall development roadmap in choosing technology. There’s no reason to be backed into a corner by choosing an engine that is based on someone else’s game, we’re the only flexible professional software available. Conventional wisdom says ’better, faster, cheaper - you can’t have all three.’ With Gamebryo LightSpeed, that’s just no longer true.”

Gamebryo LightSpeed’s data-driven approach to rapid iteration enables creation and modification of game object behaviors, parameters and appearances while allowing the user to watch the results in real-time, without recompiling. LightSpeed’s advanced scripting and tools make the development process more efficient for every member of the development team. Designers can directly implement and experiment with gameplay changes; artists can drop in content to see it in context in the current build; programmers are freed from endless requests for adding and tweaking game content, and producers can see the current state of content without waiting for nightly builds.

“In addition to appealing to large studios and publishers, we are supporting what we call the new face of AAA,” said Katie Morgan, vice president of sales and marketing, Emergent Game Technologies. “Designers, producers, engineers and artists starting their own games or studios can begin with world-class technology day one with Gamebryo LightSpeed and the services that Emergent offers its developers. Showing a prototype to a publisher is the best way to secure the next deal, and using that same pipeline to gold master is now a reality, and we are all about that empowerment.”

Gamebryo LightSpeed continues the company’s dedication to being cross-platform with all these capabilities available for PLAYSTATION®3 system, Xbox ®360, Wii™, PC and downloadable titles.

Game developers interested in hearing more about Gamebryo LightSpeed can visit the Emergent Technologies booth 5818 North Hall at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Calif., March 25 - 27, 2009.

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