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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on March 25, 2009 @ 5:11 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Wheelman (PS3/X360/PC)

Wheelman is an action-packed driving game featuring film star Vin Diesel as undercover agent and expert driver-for-hire Milo Burik.

In Wheelman, Milo Burik gets caught in a crossfire of chaos and corruption while trying to stay one step ahead of local law enforcement and rival gangs in the beautifully re-created city of Barcelona, Spain. In Wheelman, the player's car is the weapon. Players weave in and out of traffic, engaging in intense vehicular warfare, leaving wreckage in their wake as they take out anything or anyone that gets in the way with innovative super moves like "Vehicle Melee,? "AirJack? and the "Cyclone.?

"First and foremost Wheelman is designed to be action packed, accessible and over-the-top driving fun,? said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft. "Wheelman's dynamic systems adjust to the player's experience level so that everyone ? from a novice to an expert gamer ? can play and feel as if they're an action hero in a driving game.?

Inspired by Hollywood's most famous action-sequences, Wheelman will deliver powerful cinematic moments throughout the game's compelling storyline. In addition, there are more than 100 side missions available, giving players plenty of opportunities to steer through the streets of virtual Barcelona, while earning vehicle upgrades, achievements and trophies.

Wheelman, rated "T” for Teen, is available for the Xbox 360, the PS3 and PC.

BattleForge (PC)

With the game’s servers now live, players will storm the battlefield and enter a fantasy world where they will use virtual trading cards to build the perfect army and lay waste to their foes. The new Real-Time Strategy game, BattleForge gives players the ability to customize their play experience by adding new units to their collection for as little as 250 BattleForge Points (available for $2.50). This flexible model unlocks the power of the game by allowing players to buy as much or as little of these additional in-game resources as they wish.

BattleForge comes prepped and ready with four ready-made faction decks based on the four elements in the game – Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow and 3000 BattleForge points. The BattleForge Points allow players to buy an additional 12 booster packs, bringing the box total to 160 cards.

Players can use BattleForge Points to purchase new cards in booster packs. Booster packs contain eight cards – 5 common, 2 un-common, 1 rare or ultra rare, all for just 250 BattleForge points. This dynamic system allows players to customize their RTS experience with content that can be purchased at their own discretion.

Players can also use BattleForge Points to bid on or buyout cards from other players in the online auction house, or players can auction their own cards to gain more BattleForge points. Alternatively, players can directly trade cards in a unique direct-trade option. With no subscription fees, regular free content and feature updates like new maps and game modes, players have the freedom and flexibility to buy additional content online, fully customizing their experience.

While additional cards add diversity to a player’s deck, it takes skill to make each deck stronger. Through victory in scenarios and ranked Player vs. Player (PvP) matches, players can earn card upgrades and gold. As each player’s skill grows, their forces will level up with them.

“The team is so excited that players will be able to enjoy the action as much as we have. The Open Beta was very successful and we can’t wait to see how the players immerse themselves into the world of BattleForge,” stated Creative Director, Volker Wertich. “The scale of BattleForge allows the player to experience a diversity which has never existed in RTS games before, as we probably offer many more units than traditional strategy games. There is an exceptional RTS experience in every BattleForge box. From there we let players decide what to invest or trade, but victory is determined by skill.”

BattleForge ships today in North America and on March 26th in Europe. BattleForge will be available for the PC at a retail price of $49.99.

Women’s Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey (PC)

Best-selling author James Patterson and award-winning game designer Jane Jensen partner once again to deliver a thrilling and interactive story, unleashing years of corruption, cover-up and conspiracy.

“The story-telling genius of James Patterson combined with the award-winning game design skills of Jane Jensen has resulted in a captivating game franchise that appeals to fans of the Women’s Murder Club book series, as well as the growing base of casual game players,” said Wim Stocks, President of THQ Inc’s Elephant Entertainment and Corporate Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for THQ Inc. “This latest offering captures both James and Jane at their finest with a thrilling and evolving storyline, driving thought-provoking and fast-paced action. Fans are in for an unprecedented game experience.”

“Casual games are a natural progression for storytellers as their intuitive pick-up-and-play game mechanics allow them to tell a story in an entirely new way,” said James Patterson. “With this Women’s Murder Club series, fans can dig into a thrilling murder mystery and have a totally unique experience, joining Detective Lindsay Boxer’s crime solving team as they decipher puzzles, collect clues and ultimately find out ‘who did it’.”

Women’s Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey, rated ‘T’ for Teen, is now available at retail outlets nationwide for f $19.99. The game is also available at, as well as other major casual games portals.

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