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Steel Panthers: Main Battle Tank - winSPMBT

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Shrapnel Games
Developer: The Camo Workshop

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'Steel Panthers: Main Battle Tank - winSPMBT' - v4.5 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 26, 2009 @ 12:57 a.m. PDT

This is the Windows version of Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank (SPMBT). SPMBT is a classic super-mod for the fan favorite 1996 SSI game, Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles. Includes everything that everyone loved with SPMBT, and turns it up to eleven.

Get the WinSPMBT v4.5 off WP (20mb)

The upgrade patch will bring both the free downloadable version and the Enhanced CD Edition of the game to version 4.5.

The version 4.5 upgrade patch must be applied on top of the previous 4.0 upgrade patch. If you have not upgraded your copy you must apply all patches in numerical order before applying the latest patch.

The version 4.5 patch is bursting at the virtual seams with content. From totally brand new content to revisions to a number of bug corrections the upgrade is packed with excitement. In general the 4.5 upgrade patch contains:

  • 25 new scenarios and 43 updated scenarios
  • 84 new photos
  • 95 new and revised icons plus terrain tile updates
  • 3686 new icon spots added
  • 92 updated OOB files
  • 10 revised campaign files
  • 29 new and revised graphic files (including terrain SHPs)
  • 28 new maps
  • 41 new or revised picklists
  • Upgraded cost calculator, MOBHack, ScenHack

In terms of bug elimination and gameplay revisions and enhancements here is but a sampling of what's changed in version 4.5. If you only read one change make sure you read the first one, especially if you're in the middle of a PBEM or continuing from a saved game!

  • Large number of OOB corrections and additions. All OOBs have had work done to them, but especially Russia and Iraq. Due to all the changes it is important to note that scenarios that are not included in the actual game but posted elsewhere will need to be checked over manually and with ScenHack for possible errors. It is also important to note that if you are playing a current PBEM game DO NOT apply this patch until after your game is complete or the game will fail! Additionally, if you are playing a game from a saved state (any type, not just PBEM) and it uses the Russian OOB it will be affected. DO NOT apply the patch until your game is complete.
  • MOBHack now underlines the name of any unit used as a formation template unit.
  • Helos would sometimes get stuck while retreating and hover in place. This has been fixed. A large map issue, all pathfinding code has been updated so this will no longer occur.
  • The period key will turn the hex grid on and off during deployment and in play.
  • Vehicles that kick up dust due to movement can no longer have that vehicle's action undone.
  • A number of long standing issues with the " W " shortcut key that allowed players to fire only one weapons have been corrected and the feature now works correctly. This had never really worked right but now it does. Information on how to used " W " can now be found in the Tutorial section of the game guide.
  • A bug with all units of a side being destroyed leading to screen flicker has been fixed.
  • A bug with all units of a side being destroyed but the game did not end even if all objectives taken cleared has been fixed.
  • A bug (and PBEM cheat) with arty command units and fire delays had been fixed by removing arty command units from units allowed to observe.
  • For owners of the Enhanced CD Edition! New feature added that allows players to check the location on the map of the other units in a formation with a hotkey.
  • Much, much more. Please see the Release History in your online game manual.

Remember, if you have not applied the earlier patches you must apply all patches in order! And don't forget, DO NOT apply the patch if you're in the middle of a PBEM game or playing from a saved game using a Russian OOB until you have completed the scenario!

WinSPMBT represents over ten years of dedication from a team of wargamers who want the very best tactical turn based computer wargame possible. Based off of the classic SSI Steel Panthers, WinSPMBT represents an evolution in the system, not just a simple mod.

WinSPMBT allows players to fight tactical land battles using combined arms from 1946 until 2020 with ninety-two nations represented, along with hundreds of scenarios and many, many campaigns. Furthermore, a robust scenario editor and quick start scenarios allows an unlimited amount of gaming.

WinSPMBT is available in both a free download and as a Enhanced CD Edition for purchase at only $39.95. The free download contains all the core features of the Enhanced CD Edition, with the most noticeable difference being that the free version is restricted to a 800x600 top resolution. The Enhanced CD Edition, as the name suggests, enhances the core free version with a number of additions for fans of the system. Please check out its product page where the patch is located for a complete listing of what to expect from both versions of the game.

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