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Baseball Mogul 2010

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Sports Mogul
Developer: Sports Mogul

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'Baseball Mogul 2010' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on March 30, 2009 @ 6:17 p.m. PDT

Baseball Mogul 2010 gives you complete control on the field, combined with an easy-to-learn interface and thousands of stats at your fingertips. With customized ratings and head-to-head stats for every player, you have everything you need to win the battle of wits between batter and pitcher.

Get the Baseball Mogul 2010 Demo off WP (120mb)

This year's Demo Version includes several features that are normally only in the Full Version:

  • The ability to save and resume games (including loading games from previous versions).
  • Control of a historical expansion team, including the option to make all expansion draft picks.
  • Fictional universe generation (with fictional players and/or teams and cities).
  • The option to conduct a fantasy draft with the entire league at any time.
  • Access to five different historical seasons, playable with Baseball Mogul's new historical simulation engine.
  • Graphical Play-By-Play (including "Player", "Manager" and "General Manager" modes).

Most importantly, baseball universes created in the Demo Version can be resumed in the Full Version -- so the time you spend building your team won't go to waste.

New features in this year's version include:

  • NEW 2009 Rosters and Ratings: Carefully edited and tested for maximum accuracy
  • UPDATED Statistical Database: Includes the complete 2009 MLB Season Schedule
  • IMPROVED Expansion Team Options : Take control of your team before the expansion draft
  • NEW Historical Simulation Engine : More realistic ratings and results from 1901 to 2009 and beyond
  • NEW League Options : Easily match-up teams or all-stars from different eras
  • IMPROVED Roster Management
    • Adjust the number of pitchers each team carries
    • Decide how minor league pitchers are used
  • IMPROVED Fantasy Draft : Better Interface and Artificial Intelligence
  • IMPROVED Player Development Engine : Pitchers and batters match player types for their era
  • IMPROVED Play-By-Play Mode : More realistic results and better manager AI
  • NEW FEATURES for multiplayer leagues
    • Commissioner Mode "cheats" fixed
    • Easy Lineup Import and Export
    • New Scouting Options
  • IMPROVED Baseball Mogul Encyclopedia
  • IMPROVED Help Files and User Interface
  • More than 300 new Player Photos
  • More than 100 new Season Schedule Templates
  • Over 200 other fixes and improvements...

Baseball Mogul 2010 loads saved games from previous versions.

Sports Mogul is currently offering the digital download version of Baseball Mogul 2010 for only $29.99 (the CD-ROM version will be available later this month for $34.99).

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