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Simon the Sorcerer 5

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: The Games Company / Atari
Developer: Silver Style

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'Simon the Sorcerer 5' - German Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on March 31, 2009 @ 3:55 a.m. PDT

Simon the Sorcerer 5 sends adventurers to a futuristic game world, in which they experience a turbulent backward journey through history in order to help Simon to recover his memory. Adventure fans will meet again many old acquaintances from earlier Simon the Sorcerer games and encounter fantastic vehicles like steam-powered space ships in the imaginative alternative universe.

Get the Simon the Sorcerer 5 [PC] Demo [German] off WP (600mb)

In „Simon the Sorcerer 5“ the disastrous magician Simon aims to deliver the ultimate blow to your humour center. Experience an idyllic as well as dangerous Fantasy-World, haunted by trigger-happy Marsians and travel numerous highly detailed places, like the magical city, the Caribbean Sea or even space.

In its fifth Simon the Sorcerer Adventure Silver Style Entertainment provides its latest Simon Adventure with an innovative Cel-Shading technology, creating a unique, modern, comic-like look while providing gamers with a large diversity of ways to solve puzzles throughout the game. As the story unfolds, Simon is able to approach various situations on a nasty, brutal or even friendly way, which is then taken into a personality profile at the end of the game. In addition, multiple different ending sequences encourage the player to play through the game multiple times. Adventure-Beginners but also Adventure-Cracks will consider the integrated hint system helpful. By the click of a button, the game displays a list of Simon’s tasks, as well as their status and offers three levels of hints. All in all, the times in which you were desperately looking for the red fibre in the game, are now past thanks to „Simon the Sorcerer 5“.

Key Features

  • 5th installment of the world-famous Simon the Sorcerer series
  • Eventful story full of surprises
  • Five different scenarios make for a varied gameplay experience
  • Top-class voice actors
  • Highly detailed 2D/3D graphics using celshading
  • An intuitive control scheme for experts and beginners alike
  • Quest journal with integrated help function

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