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Dragon Saga

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Gravity Interactive
Developer: Barunson Interactive
Release Date: Oct. 28, 2010

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'Dragonica' Combat, the Magician and the Warrior - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on March 4, 2009 @ 9:07 a.m. PST

Dragonica is a free-to-play, cartoon side-scrolling, micro-transaction-based casual MMO mixing elements of action and arcade.

Get the Dragonica [PC] Trailer off WP (30mb)

Dragonica is a massively multiplayer online casual game developed by Barunson Interactive Co, based in Korea. Dragonica is free-to-play and players may choose to pay for additional content and features on a micro-transaction basis. Barunson Interactive spent seven years developing Dragonica, which brings cartoon side-scrolling action online games to a new peak. The game’s totally 3D rendering design, fresh cartoon characters and scenery modeling, create a new visual perception of side-scrolling games. Dragonica skillfully mixes the elements of action and arcade, and creates various ultimate skills to enhance playability.

The warrior is agile and fearless, and can quickly slash in a variety of directions as he circles around his opponents. Warriors can knock over multiple opponents, slash upwards sending them skyward, jump up and combo them in the air before smashing them into the ground. When a warrior needs a bit of space, they can throw their sword to stop an enemy advance, or catch multiple enemies in a whirlwind of sword hits. Is your enemy down but not out? Pull out one of three giant hammers to finish them off. As Warriors progress, they can develop into a Gladiator or a Knight.

Gladiators throw away their shield and focus on large, two-handed swords. Smash your sword against the ground and enemies tumble as the ground is shaken underneath, put on a bears head to boost your strength or focus on improving your sword mastery. A yellow kung fu fighter can help deal with pesky enemies in a variety of ways. Knights use a one handed sword but have the benefit of a shield. They can unleash a brand new range of attacks including aerial smackdowns, hammer hits in the air and dropping 1000 ton weights to squash their enemies. Pulling out a broomstick, they can quickly take out the toughest of enemies. Both can also use a variety of skills to temporary boost their damage and defensive skills.

The Magician is a ranged fighter who can handle themselves in a close combat fight. A Magician can summon a meteor to deal massive damage to multiple enemies, or launch a devastating ground explosion throwing opponents into the air. They can flip fallen foes into the air before frying them in a bolt of lightning. For larger enemies, they can pull out a cannon and fire a huge projectile into a group of opponents. Magicians are also healers, able to heal their party and their own health while in combat, making them an essential part of any team. As Magicians progress, they can choose to be a Monk or a Battlemage.

Monks have continued developing their skills as healers. They can summon a nurse to heal your party or themselves and resurrect fallen comrades. They have a host of new tricks up their sleeves with flaming orbs protecting them, a spell to turn multiple opponents into frogs, and a defensive shield that party members can recover in. Battlemages really like dealing damage, so they are a welcome addition to any party in Dragonica. They can summon a fireball to slowly move through a crowd of enemies unleashing damage, call a tornado to suck them off their feet, and unleash a blizzard on them. They can also release a poisonous cloud or rain destruction on their foes with ten missiles.

Dragonica offers features that will surely capture your gaming senses. The game offers a whole new level of combat system wherein you can perform chain attack combinations paired up with humorous skills that are easy to learn but difficult to master. Community functions such as guilds, parties, marriage system and a lot more will encourage interaction between players. You can also acquire different pets that can be used as mounts or battle assistants and have your own house which you can furnish and decorate. A crafting system will also be available to all 4 character classes which will further evolve into more than 28 different classes. Nominated as “The most anticipated game” by Gamespot Korea after the GStar 2007 convention, Dragonica combines fun, humor, extensive content and innovative gameplay.

Dragonica’s communications system includes a variety of ways to get your message across to other players. The game’s Postal System allows you to send messages to letterboxes scattered throughout Dragonica. This is ideal for getting messages to people to organise events and parties when players are offline. It can also be used as a method for distributing items between players. Send it free or set a charge for the player receiving your item if you want to use the system to trade. Friend lists let you quickly see which of your friends are online and start chatting with them, join their party and get straight into the action.

Trading in Dragonica is quick and easy to do. After a simple click on the Open Market menu, you can open your own shop and put your items on the market for other players to view and purchase. This allows you to earn gold towards other items in the Open Market that you want to buy, as well as offload any loot that your character doesn’t need. If you run into someone on your adventures, you can quickly start a transaction, chat and trade for items you both want to exchange. There are many characters scattered throughout Dragonica who have items that you can trade. Players can also open a bank vault to keep their favourite items safe. These are available in the larger cities in Dragonica.

Dragonica recognises that players often have a friend that they regularly go on adventures with. The Couple System allows two players to make it official and known to other players. After forming a couple, when both players are close together in combat or in travel, they are granted additional skills and a buff to their attacking speed. This is combined with the ability to immediately warp to your partner should you be apart and they be in need. And with a little red heart beside your name, everyone will know you’re taken.

Another recognition of friendship in the game is through Friend Points, which are earned as you play through the game in a party. After a long battle, you can trade your Friend Points with an in-game character and get a lump sum of bonus experience just for fighting with your friends. This is particularly handy if you’re close to levelling up. Parties also allow players to distribute collected loot evenly, or let everyone go free for all after the best items.

As a well established free-to-play online games publisher, Gala Networks Europe Ltd. will operate the European version of Dragonica via the gaming portal. Dragonica will be the first English-speaking game that will benefit from the extensive community management of the gPotato team which made them very popular in France and Germany.

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