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Manga Fighter

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer

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'Manga Fighter' Opens Up for Non-Paying Members

by Rainier on March 9, 2009 @ 3:26 a.m. PDT

Manga Fighter is a new online game that will offer players a fast-paced third-person shooter experience blended with anime-style characters and environments, featuring a high level of character customization, as well as unique offline skill cards which provide players with special effects for their characters.

For a limited time, non-paying players will have the opportunity to earn "Don" (in-game credit) through in-game achievements and purchase all functional items in the game's item mall. Players will not have to spend a single penny of real money and will have access to items usually only available to paying players, putting everyone on a level playing field.

Now through the end of March, players of MangaFighter can earn Don, the game's currency, by playing matches. The higher the person ranks at the end of each match, the more Don that person will receive. With the Don they earn, non-paying players can now purchase Guns, Melee Weapons, Throwing Weapons, Launcher Weapons and Skill Cards which were all previously accessible only to paying players.

"The Free-to-play micro-transaction model is sometimes criticized for not providing a level playing field for both non-paying and paying players," said David Chang, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for "We wanted to offer the opportunity to allow MangaFighter players who do not have the means to spend real money on these items, a chance to earn them through their gameplay.''

Bihn Tran, Community Manager of MangaFighter, said, "I am very proud of offering this unprecedented opportunity to our game community members." "As our users are all very excited and welcoming the idea, we are confident that our rather bold attempt will receive positive feedback from our players."

MangaFighter, developed by OnNet Korea, is a Massively Multiplayer Online TPS (Third Person Shooter) game with a twist. MangaFighter allows fast and intense combat, but with a fresh anime-style look. The game offers the choice of multiple modes of combat and character customization. The ease of controls and non-violent content are key advantages to the game, as well as its unique and various numbers of weapons, special actions and collective skills cards.

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