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'Domino Master' (XBLA) Gets Title Update And New Content

by Rainier on April 20, 2009 @ 11:39 a.m. PDT

Domino Master brings the old pastime into the present with colorful graphics and five game modes to play through.

It's dominos with all the bells and whistles in Domino MasterĀ®! Play solo or against friends and family in any of five exciting game variations including Mexican Train, All 3's, All 5's, Straight Dominos, or Bergen. See if you have what it takes to move up the ranks and score the coveted spot at the top of the Leaderboards or grab the exciting achievements in this great family game sure to please all ages.

By popular demand, TikGames has created a free title update that allows groups of players to continue playing from game to game without needing to return to the lobby and restart their match. This feature can only be allowed in Player Matches. Also, players who win a round get to choose the first domino placed in the next round, allowing skilled players to control suits to suit themselves.

New Game add-on content allows players to re-skin their Domino Master game to take on either a Hip Hop or a Winter theme with all new graphics, domino sets and music. Each downloadable content pack will be priced at 160 points.

“As an avid Xbox Live Arcade Domino Master player, I have had the opportunity to hear our customer feedback first hand on this game. We listened to their great suggestions and made improvements to the game to directly address their feedback,” said Anatoly Tikhman, founder and CEO of TikGames. “With this new title update, finding and playing Domino Master against other players through Xbox LiveĀ® Arcade has been streamlined to get you into the game quickly and keep you there until you are done playing.”

Key Features :

  • Variable difficulty levels: The single player mode features three levels of difficulty for the A.I. players, including Beginner, Master, and Guru, to provide exciting game play for all ages.
  • Five game modes: Play Straight, All 3's, All 5's, Bergen, or Mexican Train.
  • Leaderboard support: See your name in lights as you check the leaderboards for each game type.
  • Exciting multiplayer modes: Play Player Match or Ranked Matches. The ultimate party game comes to life when up to four players compete to see who can become the Domino Master.
  • Custom rules: Modify the rules to create your own personal dominos game.
  • Multiple domino sets: Choose from double sixes, double nines, or double twelve domino sets.

Domino Master, rated E for Everyone, is available for 800 MS Points.

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