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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, WiiU, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Nobilis
Developer: Frozenbyte
Release Date: Sept. 8, 2009

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'Trine' (PS3/PC) Reveals Its Heroes

by Rainier on April 29, 2009 @ 9:12 a.m. PDT

Trine is a fantasy action game where the player can create and use physics-based objects to beat hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies.

Players control three different characters, each with their own devastating powers to create, destroy and interact with the world and its enemies in order to save the kingdom from evil.

At the heart of the game lie the main characters; the Wizard, the Warrior and the Thief. Each one is bound to a mysterious device called the ‘Trine’ and only one can be outside of it at the same time. Players can alternate between all of the game’s heroes, collecting ‘experience shards’ and new weapons to upgrade existing armoury and add new abilities or special moves to each character’s repertoire.

As the game progresses there are numerous hazardous puzzles full of physics-based action. For example, players can employ the magical skills of the Wizard to turn a wooden door into a magic carpet, defying gravity and levitating above vast ravines. The Thief’s grappling hook and rope can also be utilised to swing across large gaps and navigate between the tree tops of the dark, dense forest.

Trine features fluid gameplay, set in a captivating, fantasy world boasting impressive castles, striking statues and bizarre looking items of machinery. There are 16 different levels to complete and if a character is killed during the quest then the others can be used until a location is reached where dead characters can be revived.

The Knight

  • Name = Pontius
  • Gender = Male
  • Age = 40+
  • Occupation = Princess savior
  • Character = Trustworthy
  • Likes = To eat good meat and drink beer
  • Hates = To be hungry.

Pontius is a Knight – but only in his daydreams. He wants to join the King's army and what better way to do that than to battle against the undead and prove himself worthy of knighthood! The problem is that Pontius doesn't quite understand what "undead" means, and he's the only one left to face the enemy in the castle. Or so it seems...

Pontius is big as a bear and appreciates a good healthy dose of meat every hour. He's a friendly, happy fellow, and thinks good of everything. Unless he's hungry, of course. Pontius is a bit slow – he’s the one who never gets the joke, and doesn't quite understand how magic works. But that doesn't stop him! He wants to be a hero and save the kingdom!


Pontius has an impressive arsenal of melee weapons that make him quite confident. If you could see the Astral Academy library after his practice sessions, well, you would believe that Pontius can, if nothing else, cause great havoc. His strength also comes in handy when lifting heavy objects - or throwing them onto the enemies. Pontius also has a shield that he can use to block attacks. Pontius cannot swim in his armor though!

The Thief

  • Name = Zoya
  • Gender = Female
  • Age = 20+
  • Occupation = Robbing the rich to give to "herself"
  • Character = Mysterious
  • Likes = To be rich
  • Hates = Not to be able to steal something

Zoya comes from a distant land. She has heard of an ancient object that has tremendous value. The undead army marching towards the castle has done half the job for her - the castle has been abandoned and there's no-one to keep the treasure safe. The time is right.

Zoya is an exceptional thief and has a soft spot for all things shiny, but not much else is known about her. She keeps things close to her chest and doesn't invite anyone to ask her any questions. She's never revealed secrets to anybody.


Zoya is an extraordinary archer. Her ranged attacks are great for hitting enemies at a longer distance. In close combat Zoya doesn't do as well, and it would be good to have Pontius protecting her. Zoya also carries a rope that she can attach to wooden surfaces. She can swing herself over ledges and climb upwards or descend with the rope. And although she is not a wizard, she’s heard rumours of an object that would allow her to slow down time…

The Wizard

  • Name = Amadeus
  • Gender = Male
  • Age = 35-45
  • Occupation = Be a star
  • Character = Quite full of himself
  • Likes = All the women who love him
  • Hates = All the women who don't love him

Amadeus is an older wizard still "studying" at the Astral Academy. By a series of accidents, he's been left behind in the castle. He can see the undead army approaching and he is keen not to die. He wants to escape and get as far away from the undead as possible.

Usually at Amadeus' age, wizards would have graduated and left, but Amadeus never quite passed the wizarding exam. He’s never learned the fireball spell, for example, having always been more interested in wooing the girls and goes to great lengths to pretend that he's a magnificent wizard. Usually it only leads to miserable failure.


Despite not having learned the fireball spell, Amadeus knows a few useful spells. He can summon various objects into the world and they act just like real objects would. Boxes and planks come easy to Amadeus. He can also levitate objects and with enough practice, he can cast new objects in larger quantities.

Trine will be released on PlayStation Network and PC in June 2009.

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