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Cross Edge

Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software

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'Cross Edge' (PS3) - 40 New Screens

by Rainier on May 11, 2009 @ 5:44 a.m. PDT

Cross Edge is a RPG co-developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Idea Factory, Gust, Namco Bandai, and Capcom featuring infamous characters from each of the company, such as Etna (Disgaea), Aurica (Ar tonelico), Marie (Atelier Marie), Meu (Spectral Souls) and Morgan (Darkstalkers).

Cross Edge is a dream come true for hardcore gamers. It is the first RPG with 5 “different companies” working together side by side. You have Dark Stalkers from Capcom, Disgaeafrom Nippon IchiSoftware, Ar tonelico from Bandai Namco, Atelier Marie from Gust, and Spectral Souls from Idea Factory. Gamers will be able to take control of many characters from the games mentioned above and also fight against them. As whacky as it may sound, this game has it all. If you’re a hardcore gamer, Cross Edge is a title not to be missed!

In the world of Cross Edge, souls from various worlds (dimensions) were teleported for an unknown reason. All you know is that Cross Edge is wreaking havoc on your home world. You must seek out fellow heroes to battle the mysterious evil and release the captured souls.

To celebrate the announcement, Nippon Ichi is having a Cross Edge best costume contest and you can vote for your favorite. The top two characters will be in our Cross Edge Giclee print. This Giclee print will be given to participants who will be randomly selected at the end of the contest.

Cross Edge adopts a unique hybrid battle system that combines the classic style RPG and grid based SRPG combat style. Once in battle, a square grid will appear beneath the units and gamers are able to move their characters around during their combat phase. Some units are better at close combat and others at range combat, so gamers must strategically move their units to battle enemies. Also enemy units will move around the grid in order to defeat you, so gamers will have to be alert at all times to fight effectively.

Action Count is the amount of action points you have in order to take actions during a round of combat. For instance, if you have 10 action points you may be able to move around by spending 3 points and attack by using 7. The stronger the move, the more action points you will need to spend.

In Cross Edge, some units can lift an enemy up and chain combo various moves for extra damage, like in a fighting game. The more you connect, the more damage you do.

By effectively depleting the enemy’s guard gauge you can either lift the enemy or knock them to the ground for extra hits and damage. Once you are able to guard break the enemy, you will receive extra Action Points, so you can make extra attacks. You can either have the unit guard break attack or switch to another unit for a different kind of attack.

If you’re lucky and were able to apply enough damage during the Guard Break, you will enter the Over Break mode. Once you execute Over Break you will re-generate all of your Action Points to either keep hitting the enemy or cast a spectacular skill move.

Gamers are able to change the character’s stats by changing the outfit. Unlike ordinary RPGs where the appearance of the characters don’t change, character models on Cross Edge changes according to the outfit.

By using characters from Gust titles you are able to craft many kinds of items including weapons. Gamers will collect ingredients throughout the game from combat and dungeons to use alchemy in order to make completely new items. The crafting system is similar to the Atelier Iris series where a single change in a ingredient can alter the outcome of the crafting.

Key Features

  • Main Characters from 5 different games: Cross Edge features infamous characters from Disgaea, Darkstalkers, Mana Khemia 3, Ar tonelico, and Spectral Souls.
  • Action Battle System: By pressing the control buttons accordingly during battles you can do various attacks for change combos and special skills.
  • Costume Change: Changing the costume will not only change the character status, but you will change the actual appearance as will.
  • Action Dungeon: Unlike ordinary RPGs, Cross Edge features a side scrolling action dungeons. Here you can jump, run, and search for various treasures like in a action game.

Cross Edge is scheduled to be released on May 26, 2009.

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