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'Gel: Set & Match' (X360) Coming to XBLA Next Week

by Rainier on May 12, 2009 @ 2:49 a.m. PDT

Gel: Set & Match mingles brain-bending puzzles with intense side-scrolling action. Players control a cute-yet-alien creature who matches colored blocks to solve unique puzzles, clear a road of gel blocks, or compete in multiplayer battles.

With goopy grace and colorful characters, Gel: Set & Match delivers a novel experience that mingles brain-bending puzzles with intense side-scrolling action. Players control kooky, customizable characters to compete or cooperate for points by matching four or more wiggly, wobbly colored blocks. When blocks are matched, they dissolve. Tossing melting blocks into other blocks creates chain reactions for even bigger bonuses.

Gel: Set & Match offers three distinct game modes in which to raise a ruckus. In Puzzle Mode, players tackle challenges designed to test their mettle. In Action Mode, players rush to defend a tank by clearing debris from the field. In Battle Mode, players engage in arena combat, armed only with a will to survive... and exploding, gelatinous bombs. Each mode provides online competitive and cooperative play over Xbox LIVE.

Push your brain and reflexes to the limit! Jump, throw, and match your way through a startling take on puzzle action in Action Mode, or ponder the possibilities in Puzzle Mode. Get your friends together for co-op fun, or taunt them in Battle Mode. Outfit your character in a variety of dazzling costumes! Gel will test your wits, challenge your reflexes, and leave you with an ear-to-ear grin!

Features :

  • Over 100 single player puzzles
  • Unique Puzzle/Action hybrid gameplay
  • Puzzle Mode provides brain-bending mental challenges
  • Action Mode is an innovative combination of a side-scrolling action with puzzle matching gameplay
  • Xbox Live co-op play in both Action and Puzzle modes, and competitive online multiplayer in Battle Mode
  • A huge array of character customization options through the Item Store
  • Special “seasonal costumes” only available at certain times of the year

Gel: Set & Match, rated "E" for Everyone, will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday, May 20, 2009 fir 800 Microsoft Points.

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