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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on May 27, 2009 @ 10:20 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Cross Edge (PS3)

Cross Edge is an RPG co-developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Idea Factory, Gust, Namco Bandai, and Capcom, featuring infamous characters from each company's games. Some characters featured in the game include Etna from Disgaea, Aurica from Ar tonelico, Marie from Atelier Marie, Meu from Spectral Souls, and Morrigan from Darkstalkers.

Gamers can expect battles between the various game characters and an extensive synthesizing system to indulge in for hours to come.

Key Features

  • Main Characters from 5 different games: Cross Edge features infamous characters from Disgaea, Darkstalkers, Mana Khemia 2, Ar tonelico, and Spectral Souls.
  • Action Battle System: By pressing the face buttons accordingly during battles, you can do various attacks for chain combos and special skills.
  • Costume Change: Changing the costume will not only change the character's status, but you will change the actual appearance as well.
  • Action Dungeon: Unlike ordinary RPGs, Cross Edge features side scrolling action dungeons. Here you can jump, run, and search for various treasures like in an action game.

The Munchables (Wii)

Don Onion and his vicious band of space pirates have usurped the peaceful Munchables' lush planet, and only the limitless appetite of lovable Munchy and brave Chomper can save them. It's all-you-can-eat as players enjoy the rich and colorful environments and consume delicious enemies on their quest to free the planet from the evil tyranny of Don Onion. As the stalwart heroes devour their food enemies, they grow larger and more powerful, preparing them for the next challenging foe until they ultimately face off against Don Onion and his evil robot King Pumpkin. Bosses and minions alike are plentiful and tenacious as they try to derail the champions from their just cause.

In The Munchables, players are called upon to eat and defeat over 150 insidious enemies who have taken over the planet including Eggplanter, Big Fishy, Brocco-Lee and Rice Baller. Players can also enjoy Mirror Mode, where stages are in reverse order and they must beat the clock in order to save the world. Further assisting the daring duo are several power-up modes such as Vacuum Mode and Speed Mode which spice up the gameplay. Players will dig into this fun and exciting adventure and keep coming back for more!

The Munchables is rated "E" for everyone by the ESRB and has a MSRP of $29.99.

NecroVisioN (PC)

NecroVisioN is the spiritual successor to Painkiller, created by some of the people from the original development company. NecroVisioN is a first-person shooter that blends fast action, fun First World War combat and magical weaponry with zombies and vampires in an occult world. The year is 1916. A young American joins the British Army in WWI to experience the adventure of his life and soon realizes that a greater evil is hiding beneath the Great War storm. He has to face the underground world of vampires, demons, evil genius creatures and even become a demon himself to rescue humanity from the forces of darkness.

NecroVisioN is rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB.

Pirates: Duels on the High Seas (NDS)

Pirates: Duels on the High Seas is a frantic, seafaring shoot-em up game that encompasses naval battles, running blockades, fighting pirates, battling sea monsters and discovering treasure. Gather your strongest sailors and prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Set a course for an epic adventure looking for the "Seven Keys of the Seven Seas" in an era when Britannia ruled the waves and pirates terrorized the oceans. Ye be warned of the legend of Blackbeard's treasure and the Seven Keys! Many a pirate has seen an early grave with their fabled curse and tales of an agonizing death for those who dare to pursue them. It is time for you and your shipmates to test your daring with Duels on the High Seas!

Key Features

  • Take on the leviathan of the deep sea
  • Match wits against pirate foes
  • Discover buried treasure
  • Perform feats of bravery on the high seas
  • Encounter the old sea-dog and the legend of a fantastic treasure
  • Strengthen yourself to face foes that no captain has ever conquered before and lived to tell
  • Stockpile great riches and journey through unchartered waters on your quest for the fabled keys
  • Collect weapons
  • Recruit crewman and mercenaries

Pirates: Duels on the High Seas is rated "E" for everyone by the ESRB.

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