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GarageGames/Dynamix Co-Founders Form PushButton Labs

by Rainier on May 29, 2009 @ 1:34 p.m. PDT

PushButton Labs, founded by veteran independent game makers Jeff Tunnell and Rick Overman, officially announced its formation, with the intent to create exciting new web and game properties, including the revival of an old time classic PC franchise.

“The mission behind PushButton Labs is refreshingly simple,” said Jeff Tunnell, Co-Managing Partner of PushButton Labs. “Make great products with people that we want to work with, and have fun doing it.”

Successful creation of game companies such as Dynamix and GarageGames have consistently put the team at PushButton Labs on the bleeding edge of industry wide cultural and technology movements. PushButton Labs looks to strike success a third time by building upon the experiences gained from the previous development of numerous award-winning and commercially successful game franchises such as The Incredible Machine, Starsiege: Tribes, Trophy Bass, and 3D Ultra Pinball.

Beginning official operations in early 2009, PushButton Labs has already begun work on an eclectic and interconnected range of products including an Open Source Content Management System, Game Portal, an Open Source Flash Game Engine, and two new game properties.

Recently in headlines for their contributions to the gaming portal InstantAction, the Indie-friendly Torque Game Engine and the XBLA arcade top-seller Marble Blast Ultra, the company is setting goals to create new web and game properties targeted at emerging consumer markets. The company has secured significant grass-roots investment through private sources. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“We are seeing more variety and connectivity in both games as well as the types of people who are playing those games.” said Rick Overman, Co-Managing Partner of PushButton Labs. “Our development strategy will let us explore many promising opportunities and properties.”

PushButton Labs anticipates exciting further announcements in the coming weeks.

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