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'Dungeon Fighter Online' Details Character Classes - Screens

by Rainier on May 6, 2009 @ 2:53 a.m. PDT

Dungeon Fighter Online is a free-to-play, free-to-download, arcade-style, action adventure game set in an immersive role-playing fantasy world. In addition to the beloved 2D side-scrolling play, it also includes the ability to create fully customized characters.

Dungeon Fighter Online, is a free-to-play, free-to-download, arcade-style, action adventure game set in an immersive role-playing fantasy world. In addition to the beloved 2D side-scrolling play, it also includes the ability to create fully customized characters. Once players are decked out and loaded up, they can master intense fighting combinations and put them to use against monsters and other players.

The five Dungeon Fighter Online character classes will help players choose who they want to be when they brave the dangerous dungeons of Arad:


The Slayer derives his power from the demon Kazan, who dwells within his arm, locking this warrior in a perpetual struggle to keep from being possessed completely. Only the thick, mystical chains shackled to him keep the dark parasite at bay. As a consequence, a Slayer can only wield a weapon in one hand, a disability he has fashioned into a distinct advantage, doing with one arm what most other swordsmen would need two to do. He primarily attacks his enemies with swords and blunt weapons, but can also, when in a dungeon high in demonic energy, call upon the dark power within him to cast magic spells. This dark power also gives the Slayer a particularly high resistance to Shadow energy, but unusually low resistance to Light energy.

When a Slayer reaches level 18, his struggle with Kazan forces him into one of four specialties:

  • Blade Master: In spite of the demon's interference, this Slayer continues his vigilant training in swordsmanship to become a Blade Master. He wields the powerful Beam Sword and is able to attack faster than any of the other Slayer subclasses. At level 48 a Blade Master awakens as a Grand Master.
  • Soul Bender: Studying the nature of his demon parasites, this Slayer learns how to better manipulate the dark energies within him and becomes a Soul Bender, whose attack spells are even more deadly, and whose resistance to Shadow energy increases substantially. At level 48 a Soul Bender awakens as a Soul Reaper.
  • Berserker: Yielding to demonic possession, this Slayer taps into an otherworldly rage and becomes a Berserker, capable of a wide range of vicious attacks, including the stinging Poison Mode, which unleashes furious bloodshed on threatening foes. At level 48, a Berserker awakens as a Hell Bringer.
  • Asura: Sacrificing his eyes to gain great power, this Slayer strike a chilling bargain with the demon Kazan to become an Asura. Though blind, an Asura can master magical attacks and defensive techniques, and sharpen skills that utilize waves and long-range weapons. At level 48, an Asura awakens as a Dark Knight.


What she lacks in magical might she more than makes up for in physical strength and agility. A Fighter likes to charge right into close-range combat, fists flailing, fury fired up. She usually sports gauntlets, knuckles, claws or even boxing gloves. And as she gains experience knocking out monsters, the more expansive her repertoire of fighting moves becomes: the Suplex, the Back Breaker, even the swift Low Kick, which allows her to deliver quick, powerful jabs to their enemies' legs, disrupting their movement.

When a Fighter reaches level 18, she's learned enough about general fighting techniques to specialize in one of four areas:

  • Nen Master: A Fighter who follows the teachings of Nen eventually becomes a Nen Master. She can throw Nen powder to attack from a distance, or utilize Nen Guard to build a protective shield around herself. She can also harness her strong inner spirit to heal her teammates. At level 48, a Nen Master awakens as a Blazing Flower.
  • Striker: A Fighter who continues on the path of pure fighting learns to strike faster than any other subclass of fighter. Her training focuses on physical strikes rather than defensive or magical enhancements to her fighting style. At level 48, a Striker awakens as a Champion.
  • Brawler: An unstoppable thug who will do anything to win a fight becomes a Brawler. Not necessarily interested in the sporting aspects of conflict, a Brawler uses blades, poisons and other items to give her the upper hand. She is also prone to exploit dirty tricks, such as throwing sand in her opponents' eyes and even kicking them after they've fallen. At level 48, a Brawler awakens as a Hellcat.
  • Grappler: A Fighter who takes advantage of leverage and weight becomes a Grappler. A Grappler is adept at grabbing and throwing her opponents, often times into other opponents. Rarely does she ever get hit, darting and jumping around erratically. At level 48, a Grappler awakens as a Dervish.


Tall, lithe and sneaky, the Gunner is a mysterious alien from another planet where they have mastered technology to compensate for their world’s absence of magic. Generally weak physically, he attacks at a distance with a brutal arsenal of weapons. Some Gunner have even been able to channel the magic of Arad to enchant bullets with elemental powers, which unleash gruesome damage on creatures vulnerable to particular elements.

When a Gunner reaches level 18, he specializes in one of four different kinds of weapon mastery:

  • Ranger: A Ranger is a true killing machine, leaving piles of bodies in his bloddy path. Trusted revolver in hand, a Ranger has the fastest shooting speed of any of the Gunner subclasses. Also, more than any other kind of Gunner, he engages in melee combat as well as distance attacks. At level 48, a Ranger awakens into a Desperado.
  • Launcher: A Gunner who really loves to blow things up specializes in heavy weapons and becomes a Launcher. He carries an armory full of the kind of firepower that deals massive area damage, wiping out entire flanks of advancing enemies at a time. At level 48, a Launcher awakens as a Wrecking Ball.
  • Mechanic: A tinkerer by nature, the Mechanic is a Gunner adept at designing and building armies of robots programmed to rain down destruction on dungeon-dwelling monsters. At level 48, a Mechanic awakens as a Metalheart.
  • Spitfire: A Gunner with a penchant for harnessing magic becomes a Spitfire. He specializes in infusing elemental power into projectiles and explosives to maximize damage over large areas. At level 48, a Spitfire awakens as a Viper.


The Mage comes from the dying magical world of Pandemonium and has come to Arad to find a way to revive her land. However, she finds that she must first save Arad. Appearing in Arad as a petit little girl, the Mage is the smallest class in terms of physical stature. But she wields considerable magical power, casting spells that attack, confound and destroy the enemy.

When a Mage reaches level 18, she focuses on more powerful spells in one particular area:

  • Elementalist: A Mage who has a kinship with nature becomes an Elementalist, able to control and manipulate the four elements of Fire, Ice, Light and Shadow. She primarily resorts to long-range attacks, blanketing large areas with damage. An Elementalist often specializes in one specific element, fully embracing its characteristics. At level 48, an Elementalist awakens as an Archmage.
  • Summoner: A mage who reaches into the power of the Core—the source of all magical energy—chooses to become a Summoner and develops special spells that allow her to call upon the spirits and beasts of Arad to aid her in battle. At level 48, a Summoner awakens as a Gaia.
  • Witch: A Gifted student of the ancient texts of Pandemonium eventually becomes a Witch. Among the many magical contraptions at a Witch's disposal is the iconic broomstick, from which she can attack her enemies from the air. A Witch also dabbles in the mysterious art of alchemy, and takes on a familiar—a helpful magical pet—to support her in battle. Since her powers are grounded in a near mathematical understanding of magical learning, her attacks are based on probabilities. The higher the probability, the more deadly the attack. At level 48, a Witch awakens as a Sorceress.
  • Battle Mage: A Mage who prefer the full-contact satisfaction of combat becomes a Battle Mage and attacks with close-range weapons and spells. However, being of diminutive stature, her magical powers manifest as defensive Chasers, magical spheres infused with various elemental properties that serve as a powerful buffer between her and the relentless barrage of enemy attacks. A Battle Mage is fast, possesses superhuman fighting skills and is the only Mage able to master weaponry. At level 48, a Battle Mage awakens as a Bellatrix.


A Priest is a powerful warrior who has dedicated his life to holy pursuits, namely the eradication of evil. He is driven by a single mission: to prevent the resurrection of the demon Ozma and his devilish minions. To aid him in this pious pursuit, the Priest carries large, terrifying weapons, such as giant wooden crosses or daunting totem poles, with which he bashes open the skulls of all creatures that dare cross him. Blessed by holy power, a Priest also has limited magical ability, used for healing or enhancing himself for battle.

When a Priest reaches level 18, he enters a discipline befitting the nature of his faith:

  • Crusader: Armed with healing and defensive spells, a Crusader adds much valued support to dungeon-bound parties. However, a Crusader has no problem leaping into a fight and inflicting healthy amounts of damage to the wicked scourge of Arad.
  • Monk: A Priest whose talents lie in hand to hand pummeling becomes a Monk. As he smashes his weapons into the ground, he creates a holy ring, within which his stats increase. A Monk is also highly trained in evasive techniques such as ducking and swaying, striking his floundering enemies with blessed force.
  • Exorcist: Versed in Suju's traditional incantations, an Exorcist banishes evil with his very words. He is particularly adept at wielding the Giant Cross and using holy amulets to deal even more damage over larger areas. And by embodying the spiritual energy of Suju, an Exorcist benefits from the unique self-upgrading skills called Chakras associated with him.

As adventurers rise in level, each class can specialize further into subclasses, opening up increasingly powerful skills. Detail information about the five character classes and their subclasses are explained in the new Web site. Nexon America expects players to respond well to the diverse range of play styles for each of these characters, as well as their rich backgrounds.

Dungeon Fighter Online is set to premiere later this year.

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