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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on June 10, 2009 @ 3:15 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (NDS/PSP/PS2/Wii)

Step into the shoes of the legendary hero, Indiana Jones, in an all new epic adventure! Set in the year 1939, Indiana Jones® and the Staff of Kings™ follows the rogue archaeologist on an allnew globe-trotting quest.

From San Francisco's Chinatown to the lush jungles of Panama, Indy must use his whip, fists and wits to fight through ruthless opposition as he spars with his nemesis, Magnus Völler, in a race for a relic of biblical proportions – the Staff of Moses.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings features completely interactive environments, where players need to call upon their wits and daring to make each spring-loaded environment a weapon in order to dispense of foes in clever and unexpected ways. Also, embark upon thrilling action sequences that remain true to the spirit established in scenes such as Indy's pursuit of the motorcade in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the mine-cart scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and the free-for-all aboard the tank in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Key Features:

  • Wield your Wii Remote like Indy’s signature whip for a variety of uses – from combat to navigation to puzzle-solving.
  • Use your highly interactive Hot Set environments and your wits to defeat your enemies.
  • Explore exotic locations around the globe in an all-new story that puts you on an epic quest for the Staff of Moses.
  • Apply your smarts to navigate Indy through challenging terrains with the many maneuvers Indy can do with his whip.
  • Engage in burst gunplay moments and use careful aim and the environment to take out enemies.
  • Face overwhelming odds and escape signature run-for-your-life moments, like a daring escape from a collapsing temple, by matching fast-paced onscreen gesture prompts.
  • Experience thrilling chases and control vehicles – fly a biplane in a canyon trench, take the reigns of a wild elephant through the streets of Istanbul and navigate a raft down a raging river.
  • Cooperative gameplay mode allows you and a friend to brave the challenges in a variety of game modes in an entirely new quest with a familiar character never playable before in an Indy game.
  • Unlock four-player versus mode where you and your friends go head-to-head in a real biplane combat or take on three of your friends in a free for all tank battle!
  • Whether you are brawling baddies or wielding your whip, use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk™ as nature intended with the intuitive gesture-based combat system.
  • Discover more than 20 artifacts and rewarding unlockables throughout the game.
  • On the NDS, use the stylus as the whip to swing over pits, brawl with enemies and to explore the world.
  • The PSP version features a variety of robust types of burst gameplay including combat and physics challenges, puzzles and the trademark Indiana Jones chase sequences.

Players can use their wits and daring on Wii, NDS, PS2 (developed by A2M) and the PSP(developed by Amaze).

Miami Law (NDS)

Miami Law has all the ingredients of popular crime/drama series: a shadowy terrorist conspiracy, furious shoot-outs in abandoned warehouses, challenging crime-scene detective work and more. Miami Law allows players to choose their path and experience the story from two points of view – either as the intense Law Martin from the Miami PD or the brainy Sara Starling from the FBI. Depending on which character they pick, players will be presented with different challenges. Playing as Sara will feature a puzzle-based, mystery solving element, whereas playing as Law will thrust the player into the action, often into car chases or shoot-outs where taking out the bad guys is the only way to get results.

“Fans of action shows like CSI, 24 and Law & Order will especially enjoy the action-adventure storyline of Miami Law,” said Mike Pepe, director of marketing at Hudson Entertainment. “With both furious action sequences and brain teasing puzzle-based games, Miami Law gives Nintendo DS owners diverse gameplay options along with hours of replayability.”

To make Miami Law an authentic Miami experience, Victor Ireland’s Gaijinworks handled the localization of the title and Miami Beat Wave composed music exclusively for game.

The second Miami Law demo is also now available for download at the Nintendo Channel on Wii. The Nintendo DS Demo includes two mini-games titled “Shootout Boss Antonio” and “Specify Bioweapon.” In “Shootout Boss Antonio,” Law and Sara arrived just in time to save Jessica Browne from Antonio and his crew. While Sara is dealing with Kelly, you, as Law, must handle Antonio by taking careful aim and using the exploding barrel to your advantage. Be sure to look out for grenades! The “Specify Bioweapon” mini-game takes place after the Cuban Connection left a valuable case at an airstrip after being intercepted by Law and Sara. Hidden inside the case is what looks to be a bio-weapon. You, as Sara, must compare the molecule to a database of other known substances by rotating the molecule to see which sample it matches. Get it right, and you’ll know what you’re dealing with!

Miami Law, rated T for Teen, is now exclusively available for NDS at an SRP of $29.99.

LEGO Battles (NDS)

LEGO Battles, a new real time strategy game for NDS, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is now available at retail stores nationwide. Produced by TT Games and developed by Hellbent Games, LEGO Battles the latest game in the award-winning LEGO videogame line-up combines elements of three classic LEGO toy themes--LEGO Castle, LEGO Pirates, and LEGO Space-- and offers a new LEGO “build and battle” experience that players can play alone in Story and Free Play modes, as well as with two other friends in Multiplayer mode.

Boasting 55 playable characters and 30 vehicles, fans will encounter pirate swordsmen fighting side-by-side with aliens, dragons battling ninjas, pirate ships launching broadsides against space crafts, and many other unique combinations.

LEGO Battles, rated “E” for Everyone, is available for Nintendo DS for $29.99.

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