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June 2018

Original War

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Developer: ALTAR interactive

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'Original War' - v1.10b Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 19, 2009 @ 5:53 p.m. PDT

Original War is an RTS where the player can choose to play as one of three ‘tribes’: Americans, Russians or Arabs in an exciting plot that has the player making a one-way trip back in time to attempt to gain control of a rare mineral called Siberium.

Get the Original War v1.10b Patch off WP (48mb)

v1.10b Patch Notes:

  • Added: AVI Support
  • Added: SAIL commands: MinimapVideo_Play, MinimapVideo_Stop and MinimapVideo_isActive
  • Added: Hamachi games are now listed on the Master Server
  • Added: Ability to not list your game on the Master Server (For Private Games using NOLISTING)
  • Added: EnableFPSCounter parameter
  • Added: Option to enable/disable VSync (only effects fullscreen, is disabled by default)
  • Added: Ability to create trampled grass in the OW Editor
  • Added: Re-enabled the Create Backup menu option in the OW Editor
  • Added: Spectator ability to Babylon, Bastard Pass, Bloody Valley and Flags
  • Added: Dedicated Server application (Beta)
  • Added: ImportExport multiplayer avatar option to XichtEd
  • Added: Russian Support added (thanks to vvlad)
  • Added: Multiplayer rooms can now have passwords when created ingame
  • Added: Master Sever game list added to inroom game browser
  • Added: Icons to game lists to show passworded, dedicated and ping
  • Added: BMP screenshots created with F12
  • Added: More and better Italian(Hokram), Polish(Gothuk, Radzio, Serpher and Zone) and Spanish(Gwren1) translations
  • Added: IRC multiplayer lobby
  • Added: Games now show if they are running a mod in the server list as well as if the user has the mod installed
  • Bug Fix: Mods multiplayer area nolonger causes an access violation
  • Bug Fix: Crate stacking fixed
  • Bug Fix: Editor now removes grass correctly
  • Bug Fix: Spectators nolonger count as a player when working out if a game can launch
  • Bug Fix: Russian question nolonger asked when running a mod and choosing the russian campaign
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a division by zero error
  • Bug Fix: Misc launcher bugs
  • Bug Fix: Unit experience, sources and breastworks in Bastard Pass have been fixed (By Radzio)
  • Bug Fix: Artifacts will now spawn in Free for all mode of Babylon (By Radzio)
  • Bug Fix: Artifacts will now work (Broken in earlyer patch)
  • Bug Fix: MasterServer thread nolonger crashes
  • Bug Fix: Multiplayer messages are now displayed in the message log
  • Bug Fix: Message log was wrongly displaying what choice a user picked in a query
  • Bug Fix: Apes spawning fixed on Babylon (By Radzio)
  • Bug Fix: Server list nolonger clears its self
  • Changed: Increased ProtocolVersion. Incompatible with previous versions online
  • Changed: Spectators nolonger join teams or have the ability to select colour, position, etc
  • Changed: Spectators see all multiplayer chat and send to all players (Diplomacy settings don't effect spectators)
  • Changed: Base langauge is now controled via the owar.ini
  • Changed: Editor now scans for avalible galleries (gallerys.txt is now obsolite)
  • Changed: Flags now has a minimum of 9 starting units and a maximum of 24 (by Argoneus)
  • Changed: ErrorLogs are now stored in Error_Logs folder in your Original War directory
  • Removed: "Low Res" version removed due to increased bugs
  • Removed: Apemen listbox removed in Bastard Pass as it never effected the map (By Radzio)

The game features an original engine which creates an incredibly detailed 3D terrain to bring its Pliocene Epoch setting to life. The player can choose to play as one of three ‘tribes’: Americans, Russians or Arabs in an exciting plot that has the player making a one-way trip back in time to attempt to gain control of a rare mineral called Siberium.

He who controls the past controls the future...

Russia is in disarray, but unknowingly sits on a mineral that could see her rule the world.  The mineral, Siberite, is a catalyst for Cold Fusion.  America knows about the Siberite and sets out to make sure that it never falls into Russian hands. 

Take control of US marines sent on a one-way trip into the past to move the Siberite into American territory or command Russian troops to go back and keep it where it is.  Whatever you decide, beware the Arab mercenaries who only want to see the Siberite destroyed!

Key Features:

  • Refine and train your team of soldiers, mechanics, engineers and scientists
  • Design and build your own vehicles
  • Develop your base camp into a hi-tech citadel
  • Steal technology or resources from your opponents
  • A unique blend of Strategy and Role-playing
  • Play multi-player over the Internet or LAN
  • Your actions will decide the course of history

Original War is Real Time Strategy with the stress on Real.  Seamlessly integrating elements of close combat squad games and role-playing, Original War offers new challenges in a familiar genre.  A key advance is the importance of people – there’s no facility to churn out cannon fodder here – each man and woman has a distinct name, appearance and skills. They work in your factories, drive vehicles and fight in combat; if they die, they cannot be replaced.

The battle for supremacy in the present day is now being fought in the past.  Unfortunately the machine used to send the clandestine forces back in time can only transport small objects such as people or crates of supplies.  The people and supplies arrive in the Pliocene epoch, two million years in the past, scattered across several years and over a wide area.

As a result, the commander of the forces is faced with a difficult task.  Should he split his men and look for supplies?  Should he concentrate on developing his base?  Should he try an early attack?  With over seventy technologies to discover and literally hundreds of different possible vehicles to build, finding the path to victory is an exciting challenge.

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