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Out of the Park Baseball 10

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Strategy First
Release Date: June 9, 2009

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'Out of the Park Baseball 10' - v10.2.16 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 24, 2009 @ 1:40 p.m. PDT

Out of the Park Baseball 10 is a further evolution of the game offering gamers the ultimate in realistic baseball simulation with a completely revised individual pitch model and a host of other new and improved features.

Get the Out of the Park Baseball 10 v10.2.16 Patch off WP (33mb)

10.2.16 Fixes

* Fixed problem with disabled list notifications for minor league players
* Fixed problem with crash when scouting accuracy set to "High"

10.2.15 Fixes

* Fixed problem that prevented auto-save function from working
* Fixed missing weekly update of power rankings and monthly human team scouting
* Fixed pitching rotation size selector in the team screen to allow 1- and 2-men rotations
* Fixed rare truncated PbP engine outputs
* 3305 - Maximum injury time for hamstring injury reduced to 95 days
* 3304 - Removed duplicate checkboxes for "Overall rating based on AI evaluation, not pure ratings"

10.1.14 Fix/Feature List

New Features
* Updated and further refined the 2009 Major League rosters
* A new import/export function for ballparks, described in the Ballpark Editor
* New option, "Overall rating based on AI evalution, not pure ratings", described in the Game Options page of the manual.
* Improved the realism of the calculations behind overall and potential "stars"
* Improved the artificial intelligence used in assigning depth charts and handling waiver wire transactions
* Improved simulation speed
* Improved report creation speed

Note: All of the new features listed above will impact existing leagues as well as new ones, except for the changes to the Major League roster set, which only affect newly created Major League games.


Many of the bugs noted as fixed below were minor issues that only cropped up in very rare circumstances. If a bug was logged publicly, more detail may be found in the Logged Issues or Closed/Claimed Fixed forums. Use the forum search capability to search for threads with the bug # in the title!

* 149 - Pitcher Strikeouts in Feeder leagues not realistic
* 220 - Facegen not updating during long-term simming
* 374 - Have the AI Keep an Emergency Catcher on the Bench
* 451 - Changing the data path leaves causes the Game Preferences screen to not shut down
* 462 - Changing skin appears to hang system
* 1615 - Problem with editing park resurfaces from past versions.
* 1671 - Improve accuracy of initial season in historicals
* 1716 - Human GM can Ignore Team Foreign Player Limits
* 1765 - Unearned Runs Given for HRs After Error that was Nullified by Double Play
* 1962 - Personnel Contract Offers - Don't Make Sense
* 1976 - Address small in-game AI mistakes
* 1987 - Relief Pitcher's Runs Counted as Unearned Due to Errors Made while he wasn't Pitching
* 1990 - Injured Players Causing Crashes When Quick-Simming?
* 1992 - Same player appears on two rosters simultaneously
* 2009 - Waivers claims aren't handled properly by the AI, if they're acknowledged at all
* 2030 - Pressing button to have AI auto-adjust minor leagues releases top prospects
* 2078 - Redundant transactions listed in log
* 2112 - Protecting players during 1961 expansion draft crashes game
* 2146 - Changing affiliation of minor league teams takes too long
* 2162 - Pitchers stuff rating is falling off too fast
* 2164 - Young Batters lack enough Eye
* 2166 - Batter power is almost perfect
* 2167 - Batter contact not falling off fast enough
* 2169 - Suspensions in Spring carry over into regular season
* 2183 - Cannot open News listing because it's too big
* 2215 - Copyright date in engine file needs to be updated
* 2252 - Resulting stats for pitchers a little off in conversion
* 2253 - Steals of third, other bad AI base running
* 2315 - Players are not getting claimed off of waivers
* 2320 - Imported League Pitcher Movement Deep Drop-off
* 2328 - Waiver Claims Not Being Processed in Online League
* 2343 - OOTP Has too few players playing in their Mid 20's and too many playing in their late 30's
* 2365 - Custom Filter Doesn't Display correct values when re-opened
* 2444 - Way too much pinch hitting on "Very Low" setting
* 2445 - Injury log takes FOREVER to load
* 2446 - Minor League Stats Non-Era Appropriate
* 2449 - BNN Webcast - Runtime error
* 2474 - CTD Attempting Import
* 2486 - Manager on Vacation leaves Ticket prices unchanged
* 2501 - Crash when clearing rosters
* 2520 - Crash in game, BNN Widgets
* 2534 - In Historicals,Sac Bunt Modifier is working incorrectly
* 2599 - HTML Reports Ratings/Potential Don't Match
* 2602 - Batter contact not falling off fast enough
* 2603 - Pitchers stuff is too flat
* 2631 - Expected Role vs Suggested Role
* 2638 - Make the AI more aware of it's active roster in-game issues
* 2660 - Game Crashes When adding standard league to MLB Quickstart
* 2667 - Owner e-mail indicates wrong team won game
* 2671 - Skin Change Wrecks In-game screen
* 2707 - Multiple problems when editing one specific player in MLB Quickstart
* 2716 - Pinch runner for the lead off hitter
* 2735 - Delete nicknames from PbP
* 2755 - Game pitching stats not recorded on pitchers career pitching stats.
* 2766 - Minor league schedules stuck at 30 games
* 2794 - No stats for Las Vegas 51s on "transactions" tab
* 2816 - Player Gets Through Irrevocable Waivers Then Gets Interest on Shop Around
* 2852 - Ballpark Factors Problematic
* 2857 - In Amateur Draft, AI doesn't seem to understand new pitching model
* 2864 - Adjust Budgets using City Population Creates Large Disparity
* 2871 - Minor League Schedule stuck at 30 games
* 2910 - Long Injuries Affect Too Many Batters, Not Enough Pitchers
* 2938 - Mac Licensing problem when MacOS is upgraded
* 2946 - The default field/stadium layout needs to be cleaned up
* 2954 - The agreement page has two section 3f's
* 2982 - Affiliation drop downs in reverse alphabetical order
* 2991 - Program crashes on quitting
* 2998 - Setting Strategy to NEVER use pinch runners does not work
* 3005 - A pitcher who plays a position can be in the lineup twice.
* 3011 - Manual doesn't describe what new option does
* 3013 - Various Pulldown (Dropdown) Menus Have Transparent Backgrounds
* 3015 - Uninjure Chase Utley
* 3027 - End-of-inning score in PbP
* 3031 - Long hardcoded PbP line
* 3035 - Can't load a new mlb game from the main screen
* 3044 - Minor League season never ends
* 3048 - Las Vegas 51s stats not on home page
* 3052, 3057, 3060 - Score given in PBP is backwards
* 3053 - Game Crashes When Signing a Player When Reserve Roster is Full
* 3064 - Crash - Quick Play 1 Game, view Box Score, press Finish Today.
* 3069 - Balk call-pitcher goes to 1st with runner on second
* 3070 - Pitchers all tired...closer has to pitch until he loses game
* 3072 - Too many third basemen are created with the ability to play middle infield
* 3075 - Missing/Incorrect Team finances in MLB Quickstart
* 3081 - Totally bizarre AI lineup
* 3088 - Wrong batting stats vs opponent in PBP
* 3090 - Profile page lists the league name twice instead of team name
* 3091 - Choosing Major League Affiliate on minor league setup has list issues
* 3094 - Scouting reports (rating values) with scouting off mismatch with player profile
* 3097 - HTML player page needs to list pitches for pitchers, otherwise no way to tell if he can start or not!
* 3102 - Strategy tab points to wrong Help file
* 3105 - Unable to Type
* 3107 - Widget related CTD problem on my Mac
* 3110 - Pitcher ratings discrepency between OVR/POT reported in player profile and scouting report
* 3112 - Import of 2009 Financial Settings at League Creation Results in Outrageous Numbers
* 3115 - Crash: Randomize Player Names
* 3126 - Color for ratings not right on scouting page
* 3127 - Wording backwards on trade you cannot afford
* 3129 - PR use not credible
* 3131 - Pitcher Status: Exhausted does not show up properly in BNN Broadcast
* 3135 - Final Corrected Version of Master.csv is not in the game
* 3137 - Financials.TXT Issue
* 3138 - City names special characters messed up
* 3142 - Special Characters in cities.txt
* 3149 - In game browser won't word wrap help text
* 3150 - Players attempting bunts on pitchouts?
* 3151 - Getting reports regarding player named "Joe Unknown"
* 3162 - Park import/export needed
* 3163 - Link has wrong color
* 3164 - History team leaderboards not uploading/created
* 3165 - Batters should return faster than pitchers from serious arm injuries
* 3168 - Score is incorrect at the end of a game, but right in boxscore
* 3175 - help_22000006.tpl error
* 3176 - Missing Feeder Players
* 3181 - Pre-Game Lineup Display Formatted Incorrectly When Stars Disabled
* 3188 - Cannot look at Draft screens if you have odd number of teams in league
* 3191 - Historical Depth Chart Using Non-Catchers as Starting Catchers
* 3192 - Crash After Pitcher Injured at End of Inning
* 3193 - Team Records Report Leaving out Records During Conversion
* 3195 - Typo in Standard League Creation Wizard
* 3196 - Save Replays causes extremely slow sim speed.
* 3201 - General News Message Info is Incorrect
* 3207 - Ejected Batters Still On Field
* 3208 - the run scores ... or did it?
* 3219 - Run(s) scored on last play of inning don't get recorded in the end of inning summary
* 3220 - Run scored on a double play is not being credited to team
* 3221 - Game crashes on changing a logo
* 3222 - Linux license issue
* 3224 - Minor Leaguers on DL don't pop up a message when they are ready to come off
* 3226 - Importing Rosters not working on my Mac
* 3227 - Cash Max in Financials.txt file is way low.
* 3239 - Importing League Produces Stuff of 1 and no pitch ratings
* 3242 - Import ballpark function needs error trapping
* 3244 - Cannot trade for player with > 1 year ML service time
* 3248 - Arbitration Awards are Too Large
* 3249 - Players Displaying as Type B Free Agents when their Contract Screen Lists them as Type A's
* 3254 - Must be logged in as commish to see the expansion draft
* 3259 - Hardcoded PbP omission
* 3260 - AI releases draftees even though roster spots available
* 3261 - CTD in 10.0.10 1800's leagues
* 3265 - CRASH: Generate Fictional Schedule
* 3268 - Scouted Ratings differ between Scouting Profile and Free Agent screen
* 3271 - Remove 'broken hand' from injuries.txt
* 3273 - incorrect stat in pitcher intro
* 3277 - When given control, AI fails to update lineups, etc.
* 3278 - Wrong Term Used in Contract Message
* 3279 - Rule 5 Draft allows your Scouting Director to choose a player even if your 40 man roster is full
* 3281 - Rule 5 Draft Select Player box lists Bonus Demand
* 3286 - Firing pitching coach leads to transaction log saying Hitting Coach
* 3287 - Occasional problem importing a ballpark
* 3288 - Scouting Accuracy - Very High and Very Low Look Very Similar

With Major League spring training getting underway, sports fans' thoughts are turning to baseball once again. For thousands of baseball fans, spring training also means gearing up for the latest edition of Out of the Park Development's baseball management series, Out of the Park Baseball. OOTP Developments is proud to announce the beginning of the preorder period for Out of the Park Baseball 10, their most ambitious baseball management simulation to date.

OOTP 10 is a further evolution of the game that offers gamers the ultimate in realistic baseball simulation. With a completely revised individual pitch model and a host of other new and improved features, OOTP 10 offers something for new and existing customers alike.

Key Features:

  • 2009 Major League Rosters - Play with a complete Major League setup, including all affiliated minor leagues, with thousands of accurately rated players placed on their 2009 Opening Day rosters, right down through rookie league, for the ultimate in Major League gaming experience!
  • Solo or online play - Enjoy solo play with practically unlimited replayability, or join an online league and compete with other human GMs for the ultimate management challenge.
  • Historical mode - Play with real leagues, teams, or players from any historical Major League season from 1871 through 2008.
  • Multiple, flexible styles of play - Mimic real-world baseball. Create a completely fictional baseball world. Perform a historical replay of the 1968 season. Heck, do a combination of all of these! OOTP offers unmatched flexibility in setting up the kind of baseball universe you want.
  • Complete general management - If a GM does it in real life, you can probably do it in OOTP. Define scouting budgets. Make trades. Handle the amateur draft. Scour the waiver wire. Sign free agents. Negotiate contract extensions. Demote and promote players within your organization. You can even define depth charts, lineups, and pitching staffs for every team in your organization. It's all up to you! Of course, if that's a little overwhelming, you can choose to delegate some or all of these functions to your team personnel, too.
  • Play-by-play mode - In OOTP, you can choose to fulfill solely the general manager duties, or you can take over on the bench as well, playing out any games you wish with our detailed play-by-play engine. Choose defensive strategies, make substitutions on the fly, and give the hitter that "swing away" sign. OOTP will "call" the play with an ongoing stream of announcer text, almost as if you were listening to the radio!
  • Realistic statistical engine - With OOTP, you can enjoy a realistic statistical engine based on modern baseball theory such as DIPS. See your players perform in a consistent, realistic manner over ten, twenty, even fifty simulated years, and watch as your own Hall of Fame grows before your eyes.
  • League report generation - OOTP can generate a staggering set of HTML reports for your league, containing individual reports for each player, team, and league in your game.
  • Unparalleled customizability - Customization has long been the hallmark of OOTP. Options within the game allow you to define precisely how you want your baseball universe to operate, from the # of leagues, divisions, and teams in your league to the rules for these leagues, including finances, free agency, waiver rules, roster sizes, and more.

Key Enhancements in OOTP 10

  • Redesigned Pitching System - OOTP's newly recoded pitch system adds individual pitch ratings and reworks the endurance/role system and the impact of velocity and groundball percentage in the game engine, resulting in the most realistic game and player development engine on the planet! Will your veteran ace keep his blazing fastball for another year? Will the youngster develop that promising changeup and become a dominating starter? This new system will change the way you play OOTP!
  • Customizable In-Game Screen - A new in-game screen will feature 'widgets' which can be activated and freely moved around on the screen. That way, users can adjust the info they see to their preferences and screen resolution.
  • Inaugural Draft With Budgets - Now the user can set team budgets before an inaugural draft takes place, either all balanced, individually, or based on city population. Player have contract demands which combined must not exceed your draft budget, and the manager has to keep an eye on the budget when making his picks. The old mode without budgets is still available as well, of course. Can you draft the perfect team?
  • Improved Arbitration & Free Agent Compensation - The arbitration period now work as in real life. Players state their demand, and teams set their maximum offer or do not offer arbitration at all, in which case the player becomes a free agent. If the team submits an offer, an arbitrator will rule in favor of either the team or the player. On top of that, players eligible for free agency need to be offered arbitration as well if the team wants to receive compensation once the player signs with a different team. Compensation now follow real major league rules, and a supplemental first draft round has been added to the first-year player draft.

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