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THQ Signs Gamebryo Engine Licensing Agreement

by Rainier on June 3, 2009 @ 5:13 a.m. PDT

THQ has signed a master licensing agreement with Emergent Game Technologies for the use of Emergent development products, including Gamebryo and Gamebryo LightSpeed, by its internal and external development studios.

“We were impressed by Emergent’s approach of providing a single development environment that we can use to create any title on our product schedule,” said Roy Tessler, senior vice president, production and worldwide studios, THQ. “Their technologies will allow us to reduce the time we spend in redundant recreation of core technology. Through rapid prototyping and rapid iteration, we can build better games with less risk by redirecting development resources to allow our designers to concentrate on innovating original game play.”

“THQ’s new license for Emergent’s development tech speaks to one of the main advantages of using Gamebryo and LightSpeed, which is the ability to quickly integrate game specific custom tech,” said Scott Johnson, president, Emergent. “Once developers and publishers realize they can spend their time on creating better entertainment and minimize risk by having the ability to create games in all genres and popular platforms on the same core development engine, they choose our technologies again and again.”

By providing core technology that is powerful and flexible enough to create titles for any game genre on multiple platforms, Emergent plans to help THQ lower the mounting costs associated with creating high quality assets, by building tech for multiple platforms and developing title-specific technologies. Studios can use the time and money saved to improve game play, graphics and the overall quality of the title. Gamebryo and LightSpeed offer numerous competitive advantages, including their open framework that can enable studios to plug in internally and externally created tech, have prompted studios across the globe to choose Emergent’s platform for more than 300 successful projects.

Gamebryo provides a seamless and efficient framework coupled with the flexibility to quickly incorporate in-house and other third-party tech. The recent launch of the Gamebryo LightSpeed game development system brings studios the ability for rapid prototyping, iteration and development.

THQ is one of the world’s most prolific publishers with eight internal studios. The publisher is responsible for a diverse range of titles from quirky de Blob to real-time-strategy Company of Heroes to sandbox-style action-adventure Saints Row 2.

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