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Inferno Pool

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Dark Energy Digital (EU), Deep Silver (US)
Developer: Dark Energy Digital
Release Date: Oct. 29, 2009

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'Inferno Pool' (PSN/XBLA) Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 4, 2009 @ 12:05 p.m. PDT

Multiplayer mayhem awaits 1-4 local or online players, in a race to clear the most balls from your table. Pot balls to fire at your opponents, or stockpile balls to unleash an onslaught. Master Jump Shots, Combos, Bank Shots, Kick Shots and build your multiplier with an unbroken potting streak to unleash the devastating Inferno Mode. Alliances will be formed, friends will be betrayed, and the battle isn't over until the stat screen appears.

Get the Inferno Pool Trailer [PSN/XBLA] off WP (90mb)

This isn’t Pool as you know it; this is multiplayer mayhem for 1-4 players simultaneously fighting for victory. Alliances will be formed, friends will be betrayed, and the battle isn’t over until the stat screen appears.

With a simple control scheme and silky smooth arcade gameplay, Inferno Pool is easy to pick up and play, while offering tonnes of depth to have serious gamers pulling off outrageous skill shots and unleashing the power of Inferno Mode.

The game includes classic 8 ball and 9 ball Pool modes for 1-2 players, but the real star of the show is the original Inferno Pool mode, where 1-4 local or online players pot as quickly as they can to clear their tables, while firing their potted balls to opponents tables, or stockpiling them for a later onslaught.

Crazy skill shots such as Multiball, Combo, Kick, Bank and Jump Shots rack up skill points which fill players Inferno Meters. When full this unleashes the devastation of Inferno Mode, where flames fly out of pockets and potting power is doubled.

The game also includes a punishing Endurance Mode where players battle to pot against the clock, scalable AI opponents, stunning 60fps HD graphics, online leaderboards and challenging trophies / achievements.

Dark Energy Digital's Inferno Pool is available now on PSN in PAL territories, and will launch shortly on PSN in NTSC regions and on XBLA.

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