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Platform(s): Xbox 360
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Ignition
Developer: Denki
Release Date: Jan. 25, 2012

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'Quarrel' (X360) Announced, Gets Scored

by Rainier on July 13, 2009 @ 5:37 a.m. PDT

Quarrel is an XBLA game in which up to four competitors strive for dominance through the creation of the most complex and valuable words to capture and colonize the territories formerly held by their contemporaries.

Quarrel’s unique blend of strategic and word-based gaming will be jazzed-up and effervesced by an original and inspiring mixture of Latin American, Lounge and Easy Listening music combined with the unique vocal stylings of Denki’s chief creative whiz and all-round Gary Penn (the voice behind Grand Theft Auto, GTA 2 and Tanktics, fact fans).

The Quarrel house band starts grooving behind the scenes, from the moment the game’s fired up. The talented and eclectic ensemble provides everything from warm percussion on the opening menus, through to encouraging, joyful or cheeky comments on each player’s performance. Until your vocabulary skills have been celebrated by a moustachioed, maraca-wielding musician, you’ve never really enjoyed a game properly.

“I'm feeling intense pleasurable excitement to be working with Denki on such a sound project,” says Ged Grimes, the founder and managing director of Jack’s Hoose Music. “Denki’s approach to Quarrel audio represents a sultry Latin twist for videogames. I can't wait for players to hear the results.”

Jack’s Hoose Music has composed and produced music soundtracks for a wide range of games, from music-based titles such as Amplitude and Pop Idol, through to action blockbusters such as Enter The Matrix.

Gary Penn, Denki’s creative boffin, said, “I'm amped to have Jack’s Hoose Music on board. Ged is widely recognised as a maestro in his field and the opportunity to work with him on our first Xbox LIVE Arcade title was one we couldn’t resist. We wanted the band to provide so much more than just background music to Quarrel. The whole live vibe creates so much more character. Ged’s brought the whole band to life, put them in the game and they’re playing – just for you. He's totally in tune with the Denki Difference which means every single element of the Quarrel audio will be as dramatic and entertaining as the game itself.”

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