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Topatoi: The Great Tree Story

Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Boolat
Developer: Boolat

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'Topatoi' (PS3) Coming to North America - Screens

by Rainier on July 15, 2009 @ 9:55 a.m. PDT

Topatoi is a refreshing blend of platformer and puzzle genres, combining the old school impact of the legendary titles like Bubba 'N Stix or The Lost Vikings with original and inventive gameplay mechanics.

It is the first part of the saga “topatoi”- the dynamic arcade game on the one hand, and a unique blend of puzzle and platformer on the other. It combines the best features of the predecessors and provides absolutely new gameplay experience. Being exciting, nice and highly captivating, this game appeals to everyone.

“topatoi” puts you at the controls of a fantastic gyroscopic hovercraft, which handles much like a futuristic whirligig. Spin it around a mysterious, unexplored corner of a remote world in an effort to repair your crashed airship and attempt to rescue your girlfriend. Help the hero, Raph, through the intricate and dangerous world of the Great Tree, combat hostile natives and negotiate with the inhabitants of a fantasy world. Success in your main mission will unlock more than ten bonus levels and an interesting multiplayer split-screen mode to further shake-up your playing experience.

It is a really great present for all PlayStation 3 owners, who interested in playing on their powerful consoles. Puzzle, platformer and arcade fans will be gladdened by a great number of unforgettable adventures in the mysterious worlds built around immense pillars. Classic platforming action and a lot of interesting puzzles played out across a variety of colorful storyline and bonus levels – it is “topatoi: The Great Tree Story”.

At the moment, the second episode is in development. All details of the sequel will be announced soon, but much more breathtaking adventures, interesting puzzles and arcade fun are waiting for Raph.

Key Features :

  • Multiple worlds/environments. The environments not only look different, but also have some treats that affect gameplay.
  • Various types of puzzles. And plenty of enemies as well!
  • Breathtaking physics model. As you see, Topatoi is mostly about physics, so this part is certainly well-crafted to provide truly unique experience.
  • Multiplayer modes. Topatoi delivers a very good field for a challenge. Which is quite unusual for that type of the puzzle games. There'll be an update on this a little bit later. We'll show you why this point really matters.

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