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Gamebryo LightSpeed Integrates xaitment AI

by Rainier on July 21, 2009 @ 12:24 a.m. PDT

AI developer xaitment GmbH and game engine developer Emergent Game Technologies have teamed up to incorporate the German AI solution into Emergent’s recently announced Gamebryo LightSpeed.

Gamebryo LightSpeed provides game developers with all the tools they need to make games that break new ground in every field: graphics, content, player experience, genre and technology. The core technology from xaitment—the xaitEngine—is the leading technology for artificial intelligence. The integration of the German AI solution into Emergent’s game development system supports the needs of all game designers, artists and programmers, and is an easy way to integrate state-of-the-art AI into other tools and applications in today’s game development pipelines.

“Game studios around the world have chosen the Gamebryo engine for its ability to enhance the creation of games at the highest standard”, explains Dr. Andreas Gerber, Group CEO of xaitment. “We are excited to become part of that success story. Together with Emergent we are extending the benefits of Gamebryo LightSpeed by enabling an easy integration of high quality AI for behavior modeling. The embedding of our xaitEngine into LightSpeed marks another important and expansive step for our customer and our company.”

“Developers don’t want to take a risk on core technology – they want to invest their resources in creating great gameplay and compelling content, but Emergent, along with our partners like xaitment, provide that ” said John Austin, VP of partner programs at Emergent Game Technologies. “The integration of Gamebryo Lightspeed and xaitment will enable our customers to easily add AI to their game. “

The core technology from xaitment—the xaitEngine—is the leading technology for artificial intelligence, especially in the areas of advanced AI, decision-making and behaviors. For those seeking high level AI, the xaitEngine offers highly complex simulated behaviors that exceed comparatively simple, reactive methods. However, the AI modules also include features for the control of game as well as application logic and animation that provide lower level AI options.

The entire xaitEngine is available for purchase or customers may choose individual stand-alone modules. xaitment supports large and small development teams with cost-effective modules that can easily and efficiently be integrated into an overall AI solution for demo or full product and application projects. In addition, each module comes with an intuitive, graphical interface to ease the learning curve and get teams up-and-running faster with more advanced AI.

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