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Keep Track of Your Favorite Game Purchases with Trackle

by Rainier on July 24, 2009 @ 3:30 a.m. PDT

Trackle, an all-in-one online destination for tracking everything you care about, today announces its new solution pages – recommended searches, or “tracklets,” grouped together by topic for user convenience.

The site also now features several new tracklets, including topical searches to coincide with the popular headlines of the day. These additions now make it even easier for users to stay updated on the things that interest them.

Trackle is a highly-customizable Web site that allows users to track anything they want and personalize it by name, location and keyword. Users get automatic notification through Web, email or SMS alerts whenever Trackle is updated with something new in the users selected searches. New to Trackle, users can also now use their favorite RSS reader to view alerts.

New solutions pages provide a one-stop destination for common Trackle searches such as parenting, travel and personal finance. Users can visit the desired solution page and a variety of suggested, relevant tracklets will be available. You can see the first of the new solutions pages here,

“Trackle enables users to stay constantly updated on the things that matter most to them, without having to visit multiple web sites,” said Pavan Nigam, founder and CEO of Trackle. "Our new features and functionality will enhance the user experience, making Trackle easier and more efficient.”

Trackle offers an intuitive selection of categories to help people track exactly what interests them and continues to add new categories and tracklets, continuously expanding users’ search options.

Unlike similar services, Trackle doesn’t just search for keywords. It incorporates change into the keywords and provides real-time alerts on the subjects you choose – game and console release dates, product recalls, news and reviews from the experts, weather alerts in your area, the latest neighborhood crime, sports scores, and much more.

For example, if a user is eyeing a new PSP on sale at, but only wants to spend $145, Trackle will monitor the sale and provide updates when the price reaches $145. Trackle keeps all results on the user’s personalized site, but the user can also choose to receive real-time alerts via email, SMS text and daily emails. It can also be shared on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Topical searches are based on current news and help users get latest alerts on those topics more easily. These topical tracklets can be added with just one click and recent topical searches have included the British Open Tournament, Harry Potter and Sonia Sottomayor.

Trackle is a completely free Web service to help users spend less time searching the Internet, and more time staying updating on items of interest. Other new features include the ability to share tracklet alerts with friends and a Referral Awards program where users gain points for friends who accept Trackle invitations.

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