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Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on July 28, 2009 @ 5:56 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Bionic Commando (PC)

Bionic Commando is rated by the ESRB as Mature and is available now on store shelves in North America for $39.99 for Windows PCs or through various online distribution platforms, including the Capcom e-Store and Steam.


  • Use the bionic arm to swing between towering skyscrapers at breathtaking speed, hook onto distant objects, zip up on hanging girders and choose your own route through the game
  • Gameplay that moves through horizontal and vertical environments - a 3D game that truly uses all three dimensions Full multiplayer mode with rich stat-tracking to check whether you’re a true commando or a lowly private
  • Use the power of the bionic arm - and of next-gen physics - to realistically throw massive objects, pummel opponents, whip enemies into the air, or pull the landscape apart
  • Arm yourself with a variety of weapons worthy of a Bionic Commando
  • Starring Mike Patton, the former lead singer of Faith No More, as the voice of Nathan Spencer

Bionic Commando Rearmed, regularly $10, can be purchased in a bundle through Steam with Bionic Commando for $44.99.

The King of Fighters XII (PS3/X360)

The King of Fighters is one of the most revered three-on-three fighting franchises ever and 2009 marks the franchise’s landmark 15th anniversary. The latest installment of The King of Fighters series, The King of Fighters XII continues the epic martial arts showdown and reemerges with a complete graphical overhaul. The King of Fighters XII features 22 gorgeous hand-drawn 2D characters from SNK’s arcade history. All sprites used over the past 14 years have been dropped and replaced with brand new 2D high-definition, high-resolution sprites on beautifully detailed 2D backgrounds.

“Now in its fifteenth year, The King of Fighters is one of the most popular fighting game franchises of all time,” said Shane Bettenhausen, New Business Development Director of Ignition Entertainment. “This latest installment of The King of Fighters delivers next-gen action, compelling gameplay, beautiful 2D art and insanely intense online combat. The King of Fighters XII won several best fighting game awards this year at E3 – an industry testament to the timeless thrills of the franchise and the updates and additions made to continue the game’s legacy.”

The King of Fighters XII features four gameplay modes, new gameplay elements such as Critical Counter Attacks, clan formation (PS3 version only), arcade-style online lobbies, a worldwide online ranking system and more. The 22 hand-drawn characters include favorites from earlier King of Fighters includingKyo Kusanagi, Athena Asamiya, Raiden and Leona Heidern.

The King of Fighters XII, rated T for Teen, is now available nationwide for the Xbox 360 and PS3 for $59.99.

Defense Grid: The Awakening (PC)

Gamers who purchase Defense Grid: The Awakening in stores will receive two products in one package. First, A DRM-free version of the full game on the included disc allows for local profiles to be created for saves, achievement tracking and score ranking. For players who want to take their Defense Grid: The Awakening experience online for Internet leader boards, online rankings and achievements, a code is included in the box that will allow them to download the full game from the Steam digital distribution platform for no additional cost.

Released through digital distribution in December 2008 to tremendous praise,Defense Grid: The Awakeningtakes the best features of the addictive tower defense genre and fuses them with the Gamebryo engine to deliver beautiful 3D environments, spectacular effects, a dynamic soundtrack and deep strategy gameplay. Ensuring AAA quality and impeccable game balance is a development team with a pedigree that includes franchises such as Age of Empires, Half-Life, Crimson Skies, Homeworld, MechWarrior, and Rise of Nations.

Defense Grid: The Awakeningfinds humanity struggling against an invasion by a relentless alien force. The player is tasked with defending key outposts with the aid of ancient, but powerful, defense towers and an artificial intelligence construct. Intuitive controls and a range of objectives make it fun for players of any skill to progress through the 20 story levels, and the dozens of additional challenge modes. Ten different tower types, each with unique strengths, allow for multiple strategies as players scheme to take down wave after wave of invading creatures, each more powerful than the previous.

Defense Grid: The Awakening, rated E10+ (for gamers 10 and older), is now available at retail for $19.99.

Tropico Reloaded (PC)

Tropico Reloaded is a compilation of three previously released titles in the Tropico PC strategy series, providing both long-time fans and newcomers the opportunity to brush up on their strategy gaming skills as El Presidente of a banana republic and get them reacquainted with the world of Tropico.

Tropico Reloaded is a great way to energize the established Tropico community for Tropico 3, and an ideal means to get a new generation of players excited about the series,” said Deborah Tillett, president, Kalypso Media USA Inc.  “Packed with great games, bonus content and featuring a consumer-friendly price point,Tropico Reloaded is our ‘Tropico getaway’ to a great gaming experience.”

 The Tropico franchise combines real-time strategy and simulation elements with a healthy dose of political intrigue and Caribbean flair to create a unique and critically acclaimed game experience.  Tropico Reloaded comes complete with two full-featured games; one previously released expansion pack and bonus materials including wallpapers, videos and more, making it the ultimate game compilation for hobby-dictators and those dreaming of running their own Caribbean island. 

Tropico Reloaded includes:

  1. Tropico: the original classic that launched a thousand dictatorships, you are the sole ruler of a remote banana republic.  Fight against poverty, corruption and rebels; and make your own people happy or enforce your rule through military strength.  Either way, a smart dictator knows that happiness is a large Swiss bank account!
  2. Tropico - Paradise Island:  the official expansion for the original game adds a variety of tropical “blessings” to your island such as natural disasters and new attractions for thousands of sweaty tourists.  Successfully face the challenges the new scenarios provide; prove yourself a worthy leader to your own people, and Tropico will be a postcard paradise for wealthy visitors.
  3. Tropico 2 – Pirate Cove:  the official sequel to the best-selling original has you as a feared Pirate King tasked with keeping your buccaneers and prisoners under control, while sending your ships out to sea to scour for treasure.  Pirate Cove incorporates a variety of gameplay improvements, and introduces new features and scenarios.

Tropico Reloaded is currently available on PC for $9.99.

Space Bust-A-Move (NDS)

An all-new installment in the popular Bust-A-Move series, Space Bust-A-Move takes players across the universe on an endlessly entertaining puzzle adventure.

Space Bust-A-Move is a new adventure for iconic heroes Bub and Bob, who battle intergalactic bosses in order to save the galaxy. In addition to its classic gameplay, Space Bust-A-Move boasts a wide array of new features such as improved graphics, customization options, intense multi-player competition and mini-games for an exhilarating puzzle-solving experience.

The smash-hit classic arcade game goes where no bubble has gone before in Space Bust-A-Move. Journey alongside twin brothers Bub and Bob, travelling to distant planets collecting Cosmo Bubbles in order to stop the evil Devilin from taking over the galaxy.

Key Features :

  • Join Bub and Bob on a journey across space while enjoying the classic BUST-A-MOVE experience in vibrant new settings with cute and brave characters
  • With an addictive combination of colorful bubbles and intuitive controls, players of all ages can get right into the bubble-popping action
  • Tackle multiple gameplay modes, including a story mode with eight different worlds to travel through, a challenge mode, versus mode and much more!
  • Collect points and unlock special shop items to customize your own bubble and arrow designs
  • Play with up to three other players via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection or single card download play

Space Bust-A-Move, rated E (Everyone), is now available at North American retailers for $19.99 (USD).

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