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Grotesque: Heroes Hunted

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Silent Dreams
Release Date: Canceled

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'Grotesque: Heroes Hunted' Development Put On Ice

by Rainier on July 31, 2009 @ 12:58 p.m. PDT

Grotesque is an adventure/RPG from German developer Silent Dreams and promises to be an original blend of traditional fantasy RPG (like Gothic, Fable, Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment) and sarcastic humor with adventure elements along the lines of Monkey Island.

As opposed to the myriad of action RPGs that are being released, the main focus of Grotesque is an atmospheric and dense story line, a very diversified game progression and very distinctive, charismatic characters that you will remember for a very long time. Indeed, you will be able to form real relationships and even be able to fall in love.

Hereby, whilst the strategic battle systems such as UI and Handling do resemble those in RPGs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, this is simply to enable RPG gamers to get an introduction to the game quickly and without frustration..
The spectacular special manoeuvres and plenty of combo-manoeuvres of the many NPCs ensure an optical gladiatorial treat. The story influences and the personalities of the opponents contribute to Grotesque being a cut above the rest even in battle scenes. Weapons art meets with oral combat, magic with martial arts and arrogance with clumsiness.

Grotesque - Heroes Hunted carries these atmospheric story influences through into the quests. The special clue is the adventure elements in the riddles and dialogues, inspired by the Lucas Arts legends, which make sure that the quests do not simply degenerate into bleak assembling or slaughter.

Whatever you are missing in other fantasy RPGs you will find in Grotesque!

Just imagine, you wake up one day and find yourself suddenly in a completely different world.

You slip into the rôle of Roger Sun, an everyday hero from the present, who is neither particularly strong nor particularly honourable. He is the guitarist in a heavy metal band, loves animals and is a huge fan of role-play games and adventures. Through the mystical force of an antique mirror he has recently bought he is sucked into another world and lands, complete with his lounge furnishings, right in the midst of a conflict between a kingly character and some grass-like creatures.

It seems as though the eternal battle between light and dark in the game, which has been going on for years, suddenly become reality. However, Roger had never imagined that a hero’s life, as a prospective chosen-one, would be anything like this. The forces of the light that Roger urgently needs as co-combatants and friends, emerge mainly as arrogant, egotistical and to some extent even inter-fighting. When the vampires, Dawnclaude & Solithaire appear, and with sadistic fiendishness hunt down everything human, it becomes quite clear that they are merely the forerunners of a very angry and very murky power, a power that would not remain hidden to the sudden appearance of Roger Sun...

Now it’s up to you to blend into the world of Grotesque – this is not the ultimate quest of any hero; it is the one of your own life!

Features :

  • Innovative, new RPG-Adventure Genre
  • Atmospheric and varied State of the Art 3D-Graphics in a style all of their own.
  • The original story with its cult characters distinguishes itself from all other RPG’s.
  • A story full of changes and surprises, which sweeps you along, and a strand of plot that motivates.
  • Takes a jab against many well known RPG’s and films.
  • Thrilling, strategic combat system that provides entertainment all the way through with its multitude of skills and actions intensive to the story.
  • Spectacular camera tracking shots underline the action packed animations.
  • Entertaining, amusing conversations and puzzles that remind one of an adventure classic such as “Monkey Island”.
  • Charismatic, striking NPC’s with individual personalities and their own daily routines.
  • Three categories of career with different actions increase the motivation to play and play again Work your way up to hero, Samurai or metal master status.
  • Loves: the player can court some women and even get engaged, if he can make himself convincing enough.


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