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Freaky Creatures

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Abandon Interactive
Developer: Abandon Interactive

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'Freaky Creatures' Adds Creature Comfort Game and Freaky Pipes

by Rainier on Aug. 13, 2009 @ 8:57 a.m. PDT

Freaky Creatures is an interactive gaming platform incorporating collectible toys, customizable characters, an expansive online interactive community and challenging virtual battles with other playersÂ’ creatures.

Freaky Creatures appeals to tweens, teens and adult gamers alike, positioning players as trainers battling each other for control of the galaxy’s natural resources. Gamers raise, train and befriend their Freaky Creatures by decorating their lair and buying them food, pets and toys. To succeed, trainers embark on their journey to dominance by battling their creatures against others via PC to PC, PC to mobile, and mobile to mobile game play.

Freaky Creatures starts in the real world as gamers collect one of 10 collectible toys packaged with an accompanying USB key; giving players access to download the game to their personal computer and mobile devices. Each key adds a creature to the player’s lair and randomly gives parts, powers and lair decorations to that player’s account. From there, the player becomes a “Freaky Creatures” trainer where the player must raise, train and customize their “Freaky Creatures’” powers and compete in galactic battles. A victory gives the player new powers, experience points, and creature credits, as well as the opportunity to advance to new levels and unlock new abilities and features.

Players will now have more opportunities to actively engage and bond with their Creatures, getting a glimpse into their thoughts while reaping the benefits of successfully providing for them. The Creature Comfort Game is available in Freaky Creatures to both free and premium members.

In the new Creature Comfort game, trainers can peek into their Creature's head to see what is on their mind, and then respond based on their Creature's desires. Every few minutes, a thought bubble will appear above their Creature featuring either an item in the lair, or an item available in the lair menu such as food items or toys. Trainers are then in a race to get the requested item before the on screen timer runs out.  If the trainer succeeds, the Creature remains happy and the player earns rewards. The rewards are greater as the actions become more complex, and each successful round will yield more Creature Credits. There are three rounds available in the free-to-play version of Freaky Creatures, and Premium Members can play up to six rounds.

A new puzzle mini-game, Freaky Pipes, is the latest addition to the mini-game collection at the Freaky Creatures Web site. Players will need to successfully fill vats with Ichor, the gooey green matter from which Creatures are born, by revealing and arranging sections of pipe. Each full vat creates a new creature part, and each creature needs three parts before it can be sent into service. As players advance, the game becomes more challenging as multiple vats, shorter timers and special tools to alter the flow of the Ichor are introduced.

"We're committed to continually offering new content to keep our thriving community engaged and to attract new users," said Jamie Ottilie, President and COO of Abandon Interactive Entertainment. "The Creature Comfort Game and Freaky Pipes are the latest examples of this commitment. As interactive, fun titles fit for players of all ages, we're thrilled to offer them to the Freaky Creatures community."

In Freaky Creatures, players start with an empty lair they can fill and customize to house their Creature using an assortment of items including pillars, a radio, furniture and plants. Players can then invite their friends’ Creatures to socialize and explore in their own personalized lair. The screenshots reveal the multitude of decor a player can use to enhance and personalize their lair.

In preparing for battle, players can choose from a variety of parts and powers that work in unison with each other to increase their chances of winning battles. The screenshots show how the creatures use their various parts and powers to battle each other for points, experience and Creature Credits. Creature Credits can then be used to buy more parts, powers and objects for the creature’s lair.

Along with battling, players can immerse themselves in the online Freaky Creatures social community. Equipped with online comics, character blogs, mini-games and tournaments, special member contests, chat rooms for trading powers and secrets, online polls, individual pages and team pages as well as private forums, Freaky Creatures is designed to support an active online community safe for all ages.

Freaky Creatures starter packs are now available for purchase at comic, hobby and local toy retailers and FYE stores nationwide for $19.99. The game is also available at FAO Schwarz in New York City. For more information, to try out the game for free, or to purchase your very own Freaky Creatures starter pack, please visit the official website.

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