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Halfbrick Developing Four PSP Mini Games

by Rainier on Aug. 21, 2009 @ 3:11 a.m. PDT

Four great games from Australian developer Halfbrick are on the way to the PSP minis downloadable service, a series of smaller, casual games designed for quick play and instant action.

The games have been developed under the Halfbrick Fridays range, which is a series of smaller, casual games designed for quick play and instant action. You’ll recognize the screenshots from the official Sony trailers (high quality version found at Viddler) so it’s time to put some names to the games!

Halfbrick Blast Off – a physics-based sci-fi arcade game in which players must collect lost astronauts and safely navigate around the gravitational pull of nearby planets.

Halfbrick Echoes –
an action puzzle game in which players collect crystals within many surreal, artistic worlds. As each crystal is collected, an enemy called an Echo will spawn. Echoes are translucent versions of the player’s hat icon, and they will walk the exact same path the hat walked between collecting crystals.

Halfbrick Zombies – an arcade action game where players must survive the onslaught of zombie waves by using a full arsenal of different weapons to dispatch the braindead foes.

Halfbrick Rocket Racing - a racing game with a top-down viewpoint and a vertical twist. Players control the racing craft via left and right pressure-sensitive triggers, which operate thrusts on each respective side. Hold both to move forward and alternate power on different sides to turn. Gravity will also affect the speed of racers going up or down different parts of each course.

After receiving critical acclaim on Xbox Live, Halfbrick Blast Off and Halfbrick Echoes will be coming to the new PSP minis service with several changes specific to the PSP. At this stage, Halfbrick Zombies and Halfbrick Rocket Racing will be coming soon on multiple platforms in future.

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