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Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars

Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Genre: Action
Publisher: Psyonix Studios
Developer: Psyonix Studios

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'Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars' (PS3) Adds Tweaks, New Arenas

by Rainier on Aug. 4, 2009 @ 11:42 a.m. PDT

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars features vehicles with incredible physics-based maneuverability, including boosters for launching high into the air or accelerating at break-neck speed on the ground. In the air, cars can roll, flip, jump, dodge or spin. In this team-based soccer-inspired game, the vehicles maneuver to perform breathtaking saves, awe-inspiring shots on goal, and gruesome demolishes of opponent cars. These abilities, combined with the players' own creativity, create a unique and thrilling experience every time.

SARPBC features unique rocket-powered cars with incredible physics-based maneuverability, including the ability to rocket into the air or accelerate at supersonic speeds on the ground by racing over boost strips, obtaining boost capsules or by performing a rapid succession of acrobatic flips. While in the air, cars can roll, flip, jump, dodge or spin in a freestyle fashion. In the BattleBall Arena team-based soccer game, players maneuver their vehicles and line them up to perform breathtaking saves, awe-inspiring shots and of course achieve supersonic speeds that literally turn your opponents into scrap metal. These abilities, combined with the players' own creativity and skill create a unique and thrilling experience every time.

Players choose their avatar car and customize its paint style. Wide-ranging community involvement is supported through team and league play, as well as extensive and thorough statistical tracking, rankings and rewards for individuals and teams, including support for PS3 system trophies. The game features three single player modes as well as team and league matches and scrimmage matches online. Using the full featured in-game video editor, players will have the ability to save, upload and share their amazing triumphs and hysterical battle-car antics to their PS3 harddrive or upload clips directly to YouTube.

Amongst the list of features included in this update which will include improved network performance, a host of new replay features and friend matching, Battle-Cars combatants will be pleased to know that Psyonix Studios has also decided to release 14 new vehicle skins and two brand-new arenas at no additional cost to the user. This brings the total number of Battle-Car arenas from four to six. 

Get ready to set sail for the high seas with "Galleon," one of two free arenas included in the latest update. In Galleon, players will have to put their Battle-Cars skills to the ultimate test as they rocket down the deck of a larger-than-life pirate ship while avoiding the large sail masts and keeping their eyes firmly locked on the goals which are embedded into the hull of the ship.

Battle-Cars players will also have the opportunity to swap out their sea sea wheels, and head for land as they drop the clutch on some freshly cut green grass in "Stadium." Rocket down this traditional soccer field and shoot for the goal as a dynamic crowd cheers you on. Both arenas are sure to make for some jaw-dropping replays which can be saved and shared using the in-game video editor and then uploaded directly to YouTube for all to see.

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars is currently available on PSN for $9.99.

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